• Charity Compilation Album: Ponyville Ciderfest - 2019 Official Convention Album

    This year's Ponyville Ciderfest will be happening soon this weekend, and what better way to celebrate a pony con such as Ciderfest than with a brand new compilation album, with tracks from the musicians performing at the con? Organized by Luck Rock, the album holds previously-released gems but also brand new tracks, and you'll appreciate all those new initiatives from the contributing musicians! Loophoof and John Kenza remixed each other for this album and it's so lovely, and there's a brand new heartfelt and intense rap song from MC-Arch too, that will surprise you with a certain twist in the instrumental that you may not have expected! And check out that new rocking cover of the classic Nightmare Night from PrinceWhateverer and Jyc Row!! This is a charity album by the way, and all proceeds will go to Generations Against Bullying!
    Get the album from Bandcamp here!