• Silent Falleym: Snowfall Release for Halloween. (Remake of Silent Falleym 1)

    The team behind the AnterFOLD games is back with another release just in time for Halloween. Silent Falleym: Snowfall, a remake of the first Silent Falleym, has a number of changes for fans of the original!

    You can find all that information and more after the break!

    We glad to introduce the game Silent Falleym: Snowfall, the remake of Silent Falleym 1. Silent Falleym: Snowfall is the reimagination of all whole franchise.

    Firstly, the game sets a balance between weapon, and recover items, before it, in Silent Falleym strong value had recover items than the weapons.
    Secondly, for the first time in the franchise and maybe not, religion becomes the main element of survival. It's not all changes of course, but we've described a few of them.

    Interesting facts:
    - Metatrox has a real prototype in our world.
    - In Dark Universe, Metatrox is the avatar of one of infinity gods, Metarox.
    - Metatrox has alternative version in Silent Hill (The God), but by powers Metatrox is much stronger than The God.

    Silent Falleym: Snowfall is the first of two remakes. Silent Falleym 3 won't get remake because despite having number 3, it's a spin-off game and not related to predecessors.

    Our discord and site communities are growing up, and all of that is your merit. Yes, we've facebook and twitter, but we more active in our discord channel and at our site.
    Keep up expanding our ranks guys!

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