• TrotCon Announces M.A. Larson for 2020

    M.A. Larson will be making his way to TrotCon in 2020! If you want to bug him about his role in pony, or have him sign your Pennyroyal Academy book, this is the place to do it.

    Get the presser below.

    TrotCon Announces M.A. Larson for 2020

    All right, it’s been two months since TrotCon 2019. Time for some guest announcements.

    Well, just one guest announcement today. But, like, more are coming. We just didn’t wanna overload ya.

    Anyway, we’ll cut to the chase and welcome M.A. Larson to TrotCon 2020!

    That’s right, he’s back! After attending multiple TrotCons in the past, the former story editor for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is making his first trip to the *checks notes* land of corn, beer and Schmidt’s sausages since 2017.

    Of course, Larson departed FIM after season five, and since then, he’s been hard at work on his Pennyroyal Academy novel series (I bet you can buy his book[s] at TrotCon, what do y’all think?) and as part of the writing team for DC Super Hero Girls, reuniting him with one Lauren Faust. You might have heard of her.

    As it is with all M.A. Larson TrotCon appearances, you’ll have the ability to say hi, get something (anything!) signed, attend panels featuring his insights into writing, animation and much more, and probably just generally get to hang out for a few minutes with him around the convention. Since TrotCon is, y’know, just that sort of place when it comes to VIPs, usually.

    No other guest announcements for y’all at the moment, but we do have something else to say!

    For just a few more days, TrotCon 2020 badges are $35 for the entire weekend, July 17-19. After Oct. 1, they’ll bump up to $45 for three days, a price that will persist through Feb. 1.

    So, hey, if you’re still on the fence about coming to TrotCon but don’t mind paying $35 now vs. more later, now’s definitely the time to book! Because they ain’t getting any cheaper.

    To buy your ticket for 2020, visit our Eventzilla page!