• Deep In The Jungle Music: Spikey Wikey - In The Jungle [Jungle]

    What if that spooky story from Dashie had an awesome musician making an insane tune for it, transporting the listener into all the dangers that the Jungle holds? This is the concept of this track by Spikey Wikey, aka the founder of both Drumscape Library and Cider Party. Part of Spikey's upcoming album dropping on September 30th, In The Jungle conveys a fear of every moment with environmental noises and gritty sound design taking you by surprise, and blows you away with such a relentless progression among the echo-y beats, deep bass, and vocal samples. With Dash's voice fading away in the jungle, the hard wubs and powerful bass make you experience the place and its soundscape, as all the sounds and samples happening around you are adding much flavor. Definitely a treat, and an impressive masterpiece from Spikey/Tacos!