• The Pony Music Archive Was Updated! Download 730 GB of pony music in one go!

    After merging with some other archive projects and adding in recent releases, that huge pony music archive that was posted previously got updated and is now boasting a massive size of 730 GB for those who want it in original raw quality! Of course, you can still choose to download in optimized "High Quality" for a less intimidating size of 130 GB. Among the changes to the site, you can now directly submit songs to add to the archive and that's so awesome! Give it up for our dedicated archivist ponies!! And by the way since we're talking about big pony music collections, in case it could help some ponies finding songs they may be looking for, here's a generated list of all the files in my personal 320 GB pony music folder. If you see anything in there that you want, feel free to contact me about it!
    Download the archive from the official website. Check out the FAQ page for more details about the formats and bitrates, and the Contribute page to find out how to submit songs!

    Edit: The Pony Music Archive got unfortunately taken down because of too many removal requests. You can find a backup of the archive here.