• The Pony Music Archive Is Up! Download 600 GB of pony music in one go!

    The dedicated archivist ponies of the Pony Music Archive have completed a massive bundle of all the pony music that they could find in the best possible quality, resulting in more than 600 GB of music! The archive will be maintained with the new music coming out from now on, too. It's currently available for download in raw/best possible quality (602 GB), but also in an optimized "High Quality" format that is a re-encode that "shows no or imperceptible distortions in listening tests" for a smaller size (110 GB), and they've also made it available in "Phone Quality" for those who are short on space (70 GB). Such dedication is so impressive! I'm sure it will help many of you discover new musicians, find lost gems from the past, or just power up your PC with a massive stock of pony music!
    Download the archive from the official website. Check out the FAQ page for more details about the formats and bitrates.

    Edit: The Pony Music Archive got unfortunately taken down because of too many removal requests. You can find a backup of the archive here.