• 2D Pony Shooter D'Lirium Releases New Big Update

    The pony 2D shooter "D'lirium" has released a new update after a pretty big gap of time. It's pretty extensive, with new weapons, new levels, new interactions, reworked AI, loads of balance tweaks, and a ton of squashed bugs.

    You can find the full notes below! Or just dive in and download it on steam here.

    Patch notes:

    • New weapon: wrench;
    • Reworked spell selection;
    • Reworked panic;
    • New level: "Crystal cave";
    • Added interactions on the levels;
    • Added 13 new achievements;
    • Fixed bugs with AI, errors and crashes;
    • Reworked "Lanterns" AI;
    • Reworked some levels;
    • Reworked graphics on "Mansion" level;
    • New "dynamic" camera;
    • Reworked Shaft spell;
    • New secret level called "Steam Machine";
    • Monsters called "Lost" and "Phantom" now appeared on the levels;
    • Reworked movement animations;
    • More blood and gore;
    • New logo;
    • New visuals on physical death;
    • New sounds and visuals when player gets damage;
    • Telefragging the monsters is easier to do now;
    • Extended credits and total game stats;
    • Reworked teleportation;
    • "Ice impendent" monster now calls "Wraith";
    • "Ice howling" was reworked and calls "Flying wraith";
    • Rave.