• My Little Pony G5 Open Art Event - Your Submissions!

    I'd watch the hell out of this. Barbarian Applejack and Desert Princess Rarity for life.

    We've got a ton of ponies from the G5 Open Art Event. Below the break, check out all 30 of them!

    Expect another open art event once we think of one. And if art isn't your thing, go show off your collection in this year's collection event!

    [1] Source

    Talking 'bout Pony Generations by harwicks-art

    [2] Source

    G5 Powaah by briantheponyhog

    [3] Source

    Final Verse as a deer by skunkfrakker

    [4] Source

    So What World Did You Came From Again by DeanBirchum

    [5] Source

    Young auntie applesauce g5 redesign by RainbowTashie

    [6] Source

    G4 G5 Trixie by WorldRunner18

    [7] Source

    by ShinyCyan ~ on Twitter

    [8] Source

    by ShinyCyan ~ on Twitter

    [9] Source

    Twilight Sparkle Redesign by riocin765

    [10] Source

    Bellflower by RenegadePegasus

    [11] Source

    Daybreaker and Kimono by Metallic-Roselle

    [12] Source

    MLP G5 Character Concept by rainbows2424

    [13] Source

    Gen 5 Celestia by TheArticPegasus

    [14] Source

    Rarity Generation 5 Head shot by Samoht-Lion

    [15] Source

    Sorin Stokkr by CoreyJack1123

    [16] Source

    Caught off Guard by Jeffsoul13

    [17] Source

    Contest Entry: Nyx G5 Edition by SpokenMind93

    [18] Source

    Contest Entry: Spoken G5 Edition by SpokenMind93

    [19] Source

    Sunrise by EqReyna

    [20] Source

    by James Stuart on Twitter

    [21] Source

    Light Heart (Requested by Light Heart101) by miipack603

    [22] Source

    Citrus Splash by art-of-aa

    [23] Source

    Rainbow Dash G5 Redesign by Minty-Magic

    [24] Source

    Minty G5 Redesign by Minty-Magic

    [25] Source

    Pinkie Pie G5 redesign by Minty-Magic

    [26] Source

    MLP OC G5 Transformations by miipack603

    [27] Source

    G5 PinkiePie (Concept) by BrekrofMadness

    [28] Source

    OC Prototypes: Danged Spell and Dream Seeker by daimando

    [29] Source

    Gen 5 Boceto by Zetamad

    [30] Source

    Wawasan 2020 by thedriveintheatre

    [31] Source  - Jacob

    [32] Source

    [33] Source

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