• Ponies At Dawn Eternal Album Medley & Live Release Party Date!

    It's that time again!! The time to partake in 7 hours straight of brand new music of incredible quality from the community and beyond, including a lot of pony music, in a world premiere!! As the tradition goes, the head of Ponies At Dawn ExplodingPonyToast made an awesome medley to showcase all the beauty of this new installment in the compilation album series, and it's such a hype one, with this fast-pace and those seamless transitions! I really love that and it always makes me so excited and getting me teary-eyed, from the sheer amount of relentless amazing-ness. Go check it out and get hype too, and don't forget to mark the date of the live release party to your calendar! For this is a party that you don't wanna miss out, listening to so many great tunes in sync with so many other bronies and pony musicians, including those who contributed to the album, and hanging out all together in one live chat, reacting to the music and stuff! An experience like no other! This time too, the party will be hosted by Lycan and Dijit and will be held on PVFM, with the chat of the party being in the official PVFM Discord server. It will happen on the 5th of October from 4PM EST/8PM UTC until 11PM EST/3AM UTC, with the album getting available for download towards the end of the stream! More info in the description on YouTube, and from [email protected]'s Twitter! And 4-CDs digipaks are up for preorder right now by the way! Everypony's invited to the party, come join the fun!!