• Price of Fear 2 Now Released!

    The creators of the AnterFOLD games and so many more have another release for you fans of the horror genre this week! A sequel to Price of Fear that we reported on some time ago, it promises more frights like the first game.

    Get the full details and screens after the break!

    The direct continuation of the game Price of Fear which conquered respect and hearts of hardcore players. Price of Fear 2 not only continues the tradition but and introduce new standards to genre Nightmare Horror. Almost all elements were reworked, and stylization was changed from neon cyberpunk to bloody-dark cyberpunk.

    The horror element here reveals own potential on full speed unlike in the original game where it was almost absent. Although it's a sequel of Price of Fear, playing the original game not required since they have different gameplay and rules. Still, we recommend trying at least for familiarization.

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