• DHX Rebrands to "WildBrain"

    I suppose this will be the last time we really have a reason to report on DHX now that they no longer have the pony contract. It was a pretty great decade with them though!

    DHX is apparently rebranding to a new company called "WildBrain" covering their entire organization. As is the norm with these pressers, we have the usual corporate jargon to explain why they are doing it:

    “Rebranding as WildBrain embraces our commitment to creativity, imagination and innovation, and our 360° approach to brand management. For many years, our WildBrain group has been at the leading edge of the digital media business. As that landscape continues to rapidly evolve, now is time to unify all the parts of our Company under both the name and entrepreneurial culture that WildBrain represents.”

     Take from that what you will.

    Thanks to Miak, Volgon, and everyone else for sending it.