• "Tanks for the Memories" Music & PMV: Spikey Wikey - Shining Free VIP [Drum & Bass]

    A momentous release for me for sure, this new favorite of mine is calling forth the emotional power of pony vocal chops so well. A DnB VIP of the original Shining Free that was already retelling the events of the memorable episode Tanks for the Memories, this version 2.0 takes it steps further with melodic vocal chops of untold emotion, a play on vocal samples, a creative yet classy DnB arrangement, and making for an even greater tribute to the episode, a full-fledged PMV to accompany the song..! Spikey Wikey aka Tacos definitely went all-out and the result of his work makes for a lot of emotion, and a wonderful moment in appreciation among the ponies... For more emotional music using that kind of melodic and pitch-shifted vocal chops, check out this classic that is also my favorite pony track ever! And look out for Spikey Wikey's upcoming album "Party's Over", dropping September 30th!