• Fallout Equestria: Remains - Game Update .8 Now Available for Testing

    A new update has been released for Fallout Equestria: Remains, and looking for people to test it out. Considering .7 was out way back in September of last year, it has been a while! If you love your side-scrolling pony apocalypse action,  head on down below for the patch notes and go play!

    Translation from Василий:

    As with the previous version, I deploy barely tested version without English translation.
    Everyone is welcome to play it and test for various bugs and balance changes. After this version will be properly tested and gets its english translation version 1.0 will be released (in a few months) and this quite a big project will be over. 
    New version in a nutshell:
    • The storyline is complete.
    • New Enemy - The Enclave
    • New Random Location for grinding - The Enclave Base
    • Several new plot related non-random locations
    • New hardcore modifier - limited backpack size (not tested for balance), you can enable it through console command hardinv (console opens with End button)
    • Numerous changes to interface and controls, the complete changelog will be available on my site later
    Old saves are compatible with the new version, however, they are bounded to the url, so you will need to save/load your progress via Save to File/Load from File in Flash. New quests will be added automatically if you completed version 0.7.

    Although I know that the chances are miniscule, I need volunteer artists.
    The game is almost complete, but it has too few arts that are required for proper atmosphere.
    I need someone who can draw several (5-10) simple arts for our project.