• Compilation Album: PonyChord - Summer Chords [House]

    A new amazing compilation album got released in the community, from House-centered initiative PonyChord! Some wonderful use of pony samples in there, such as in the opener Tell Me from Spikey Wikey that samples vocals from What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me from the S3 finale in such a creative way and that has got some heavy surprises too, track #2 Cakes in Cups from One Track Mind that's so emotional and nostalgic (with callbacks to classic gems of the past like Alex S.'s Party With Pinkie and Omnipony's Return) and that's my favorite from the album, but also tracks like Underground from GrazySmash that samples the classic "Hey" from Spitfire and Dash's "So... awesome!" for some pony flair. Let's also mention the fire collab from 7th Stive and GrazySmash, Night Club, that will blow you away with its progression and quality sound! And Ponycutz' All Night Long follows up on the "dancing all night" vibes with such a bouncy, hard-hitting yet very smooth arrangement! Lots of quality and pony to appreciate all around in the album!
    Get the album from Bandcamp here, or listen to the songs from their YouTube uploads on PonyChord's channel, playlist here!