• Vinyl and Octavia Day Begins - Time to Blow the Roof Off This Joint!

    After a short delay thanks to Memorial Day, Vinyl and Octavia Day can officially begin! With us since season 1 these two musical ponies have served as symbols for the pony music scene and have grown from their non-speaking brief cameos in season 1 to having their own prominent roles in the series' 100th episode!

    Just because the day has begun doesn't mean you can't get your material into us! Just make sure to send as soon as you can any plushies, comics, music, ect to [email protected] with Vinyl and Octavia in the subject line followed by the type of media you are sending in.

    Example: Vinyl and Octavia - Comics

    We hope you all enjoy today, especially as you head back to work and school! We'll be posting Vinyl and Octavia material between our usual posts so make sure to check back every so often to see what is new.

    Twitter: Calpain