• Colgate Music: PegasYs - Dental Damn VIP (feat. Midnight Melody & TheMusicReborn) [Glitch Hop]

    I was actually tempted to have that header be "Pony Flank Music". Well, just imagine it is, lol! We can always count on PegasYs for the tasteful suggestive pony pictures... and for amazing music, of course! His VIP of Dental Damn featuring Midnight Melody and TheMusicReborn and part of Ponies at Dawn Skyward is definitely as incredible as the plot of this upload, with sexy sax play, mad wubs, dank samples, insane bass play that is pure bliss, and a last part starting at 3:34 (no I didn't do the 34 on purpose) that is quite entrancing and stunning. Overall very funky and blasting new musical amazingness, this plot-powered release is definitely a masterpiece!
    PS: I made my own SFW edit of the original artwork used in the video for my MLP picture folder, thought I'd share it in case some of you would want it, you can download it from here.