• The Brony Thank You Fund Ends 2018 With 41k Raised For Charities

    The Brony Thank You Fund has announced their year-end financials for 2018 to show you all how much has been contributed and where the money goes. Overall the total amount of donations hit $40,000, bringing the total donation amount to $270,000. Good stuff fandom!

    Check out the presser below.

    Press Release: 

    The Brony Thank You Fund has just closed the books on fiscal year 2018, and what a great year it was! Bronies donated over $41,000 to support our causes, and we in turn passed $40,000 on our partners ($32,500 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institude, and $7,500 to increase the Derpy Hooves Scholarship at CalArts.)

    This was our second-best year ever, and brings the total amount raised since the fund's inception to over $270,000!

    For those interested, the Fund's Form 990 is available for your reading pleasure at https://derpy.me/7N3Ri.

    Also, we still need at least one helper for Everfree Northwest. If you'd like to volunteer a few hours and get a free convention membership, write to [email protected]