• Lyra / Sphinx Music: Ditherer - Incidental Unicorn #2 / The Game of Riddles (prod. Steryotype) [Hip Hop]

    Further giving love and depth to "background characters", Ditherer raps a full-fledged story with this piece involving Lyra and Bon Bon and their relationship, as well as what we feel for them as we see them getting appearances in the show or EQG content. The lyrics and vocals will speak for themselves, and you can't help but melt at how lovely and thoughtful Ditherer is about these mares! Next is an inspired song about Somnambula and the Spinx, enacting a brand new story and lore, and giving birth to new riddles! Let's keep living with Passion!

    Ditherer - Incidental Unicorn #2 (prod. Steryotype)

    Ditherer - The Game of Riddles (prod. Steryotype)