• Vanhoover Pony Expo's Guest Lineup for 2019

    Our canadian brothers have a convention happening again this year, and the guest list has been announced! Head on down below the break for the details if you want to get some last minute tickets going!

    Four voice actors confirmed, including two making their convention debuts.
    VANCOUVER – Vanhoover Pony Expo is proud to announce the guest lineup for its 2019 event. Four voice actors from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be appearing at Vanhoover Pony Expo 2019.
    Vanhoover Pony Expo 2019 will take place January 11-13 in Richmond, British Columbia.
    Peter New is a writer, actor, and voice actor with over one-hundred professional credits. On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic he is the voice of Big Macintosh, Doctor Whooves, Goldie Delicious, and many other characters. He has also voiced characters on Littlest Pet Shop, Saving Goola, Tobots, and Dragonalia, and is the writer and star of the award-winning short film WoodMan.
    Kelly Metzger is a professional actress based out of Vancouver who has worked across theatre, film, and television. On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic she is the voice of Spitfire. She also provides the voice of Sugar Sprinkles on Littlest Pet Shop, and is the voice of Nya in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.
    At this time we are also excited to announce two very special guests who will be making their convention debuts at Vanhoover Pony Expo 2019. You know them best as the aspiring Wonderbolts duo from the Season 6 episode “Top Bolt” – Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger!
    Rhona Rees (Vapor Trail) and Emmett Hall (Sky Stinger) will be joining Vanhoover Pony Expo 2019 to make their first ever appearances at a pony convention! Emmett is also a storyboard artist and animator who worked on Seasons 2-4, and on Equestria Girls.
    We’re so excited to have these four guests join us for the most fun weekend of the winter! We hope to see everyone in Vanhoover this January for three days filled with fun, games, panels, events, and friendship! Please check out our website (www.vanhoover.ca) and our social media (@VanhooverPE) to get our schedule and all the convention details!

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