• Fanfiction: Why the Gift is Given

    [Drama][Slice of Life]

    Author: Impossible Numbers
    Description: “Why do we get gifts every year?” said Dinky. “For Hearth’s Warming, I mean.”
    This seems an easy enough question, but Ruby Pinch never had it easy. Trying to find out the real reason for all this gift-giving, she confronts the odd bond between the energetic Dinky and the reserved Amethyst, the simple-minded approach of her hapless cousin PiƱa Colada, and, on top of that, her beloved "Auntie" Berry, who's a confusing trial all on her own.
    And then there's Ruby herself. For, sensible young mare as she thinks she is, she has her own growing mistrust of the answers she seems to be getting. Especially when it comes time to find her own gift.
    Why the Gift is Given

    Additional Tags: Gift-Hunting, Incomprehensible Adults, and Multicoloured Lights