• My Little Pony CCG Friends Forever Set Pre-Release Boxes Available

    We had a post up back in mid-November about the new My Little Pony CCG Set: Friends Forever. Since then, Enterplay has listed up a new box for people that want to throw a pre-release party filled with various things to get a group of people going:

    • 64 Packs for play
    • 16 Packs prizing
    • 8 Pre-release cards, buttons, token cards & lots more fun!

    You can pick that one up over here.

    If you just want a box of cards, the straight 36 pack booster is over here.

    Expect Cozy Glow, Pillars of Equestria, The Student 6, the Pony of Shadows, and the two keywords we revealed over here.

    And if you want to host an officially sanctioned pre-release event, they have an application form here.