• New York Comic Con Coverage: Day 1--Shopping Day!

    New York Comic Con is here upon us once again! And has been my habit for the last several years, Equestria Daily is going to bring you plenty of coverage for the convention!

    I'm going with a slightly different format this time as opposed to what I've done in previous years, and bring you more of a highlight recap of each day at the con. As opposed to only one huge in depth retrospective a few days/weeks following the convention's finale. Hopefully this will give everyone a little bit more of the flavor of the convention as it is happening.

    At least that is the idea. We'll see how well it works,

    So without further delay, let's get into my first day at NYCC, and how my journey went for collecting this year's My Little Pony Exclusives!

    On my way to my first stop, which was NOT IDW Publishing, I ended up walking through the Dragon Ball North American Tour location at NYCC. As if the Giant Floating Shenron wasn't a dead giveaway, cause he's never been at the convention before this.

    And neither has a scaled down replica of the World Martial Arts tournament arena!

    Could you tell I slowed down to take a few photos of this? It isn't often that I end up at a location of a traveling show, so I wanted to savor the moment a little.

    Also, Lord Frieza demanded I capture his golden visage. Who am I to argue with someone who can literally break me in half?

    And there was no way I was going to argue with Vegeta. BUt thankfully he was the last one demanding a photograph before I arrived at my destination... which coincidentally was right next to the Dragon Ball North American Tour.



    What? Hallmark convention exclusives are a pain in the neck to get. You either get there early to get your hands on them, or your not getting them cause they sell out quick.

    Thankfully I managed to get through the first batch and pick up my exclusives from here!

    Namely the gold plated BB-8 calendar and the Star Trek: The Animated Series ornaments.

    As for the Rainbow Brite comic? That's a NYCC Exclusive as well, and I picked that up for a friend whom I am doing a very big favor.

    My aching wallet can attest to that.

    Speaking of making wallet ache, my next stop was IDW Publishing. No MLP advertisements on this booth this year, but seeing a 20 foot tall Captain Jean-Luc Picard left me grinning from ear to ear.

    Picking up IDW's 3 exclusives from the show also helped out a ton with keeping that smile plastered on my face, even as the pain in my feet started to get more than a little uncomfortable.

    NYCC is the third time this year these 6 pins and the print have shown up this year. The first was Wondercon and the second was SDCC. So if you managed to pick up these at either of those cons, you wouldn't have to worry about it. Especially since you'll have already spent the $50 it cost to get all of it,

    The MLP: Art is A Magic Volume 2 blank sketch variant, however, premiered at NYCC. Picking up this book would set you back a cool $25, and leave you with something to drawn on by your favorite MLP Artist(s)!

    But the real prize was the NYCC Exclusive Cover of Nightmare Knights #1! This comic isn't due to come out until next week, so the book is making it's publication debut at NYCC,

    What sorts of secrets does it hold?

    I'll find out after I read it tonight.

    The last MLP exclusive at the convention came from a company which has fallen under the Radar for the last couple years... at least as far as MLP Exclusives go.

    Toynk had a set of 3 MLP Enamel Pins, celebrating the MLP: Established '83 theme which debuted this year at SDCC as part of the 35th anniversary of the franchise.

    This time the pins feature Applejack, Twilight, and the MLP: Established '83 logo. with a price point of $15, you're basically buying each pin for $5. That is an absolute bargain for pins of this quality.

    Kotobukiya had on display their upcoming MLP: EQG Pinkie Pie Bishoujo Statue Prototype. Still no word on a release date, or what the Suggested Retail Price will be.

    They also had placeholders for Fluttershy and...

    Twilight Sparkle. Both of whom do have tentative release dates of Winter and Fall 2019 respectively.

    That pretty much covered everything all the exclusives and MLP news items which were present on the show floor today.

    From there I decided to wander the convention for a bit. There was a ton to see, with plenty of banners to show off upcoming entertainment productions.

    Like this new movie from Rooster Teeth which has a huge number of big named actors.

    Or this banner showing the 3 main cartoons on Netflix I'll be binging as soon as they come out starting later this month. So looking forward to She-Ra.

    Or this science fiction property which I will be following every single week once the episodes start airing in January.

    I wonder if this is going to have any impact on the upcoming Captain Picard Star Trek show, which is currently in the planning stages.

    I guess there is only one way to find out.

    From here I made my way down to Artist Alley and boy do I have lot of stuff to share with you!

    However that is going to have to wait. For Cadance and Shining are dressed up as characters from a certain mansion in Disneyland and they are telling me right now it is time for bed!

    See you all in the AM. This has been The Illustrious Q... and I am bone dead tired. Good night everyone!