• 50+ Awesome Fanfics to Read for Trixie Day!


    Trixie is here with fanfics. Will you read them? She promises not to cry if you don't... but...

    We've got another giant pile of fanfiction to read for a pony day! Head on down below the break for everything the fandom has come up with involved the greatest and most powerful unicorn!

    Slice of Life

    Trixie's Forest Retreat by crowscrowcrow


    Following the events of Boast Busters, Trixie decides to hide from the town (and Rainbow Dash in particular) by taking cover in the Everfree Forest.

    Trixie discovers not every problem can be outrun, and sometimes facing them can have unexpected consequences.

    A Mid-Lesson Snack Break by Whammy


    The Great and Powerful Trixie continues to try and master teleportation under Starlight Glimmer's tutelage. When she senses her friend is starting to once again get frustrated, she decides it's time for a snack break. What follows is a simple conversation between friends as Trixie reflects on where she's been and where she's heading.

    In Somepony's Shadow by Whammy


    It's been several months since the Alicorn Amulet incident, and much has changed for the Great and Powerful Trixie. Her reputation damaged once again, she continues on with her magic act, determined to try and turn over a new leaf. With Twilight Sparkle now an alicorn princess, however, Trixie finds herself plagued with nightmares and a renewed sense of jealousy. Sympathetic to the mare's feelings, which mirror ones she once held long ago, Princess Luna decides to intervene.

    In a Tavern, Down by the River by Lysis


    I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, have been reduced to performing magic tricks in a Trottingham tavern. One would think I'd never sink this low, but it's not as bad as it could be. The food is good, the beds are soft, and the company plentiful. The only problem? I'm stuck here until I earn enough bits to buy another caravan so I can get back on the road where I belong.

    So imagine my delight when one evening, a conpony walks through the door and starts cheating at cards. It was a golden opportunity: a chance to line my purse, play the heroine, and teach an amateur magician a thing or two about misdirection.

    I had a perfect plan. My only mistake was getting a friend involved.

    A Twixie Divorce by Yukito


    It's a sad, sad day in Ponyville, because Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon are filing for divorce. Can nothing save their marriage before it's too late?

    The Showmare's Tale by Chris


    As Trixie finds herself performing for her smallest audience yet, questions abound. Can her ego take the strain? Are the old stories still worth telling? And just how did Prince Blueblood get his title, anyway?

    Drug by RarityEQM


    A poem from Trixie, she gives us a first hoof look of what it feels like to be on stage.

    Musicians and Dreamers by GrassAndClouds2


    Lyra is pleasantly surprised to find that her friend and mentor, Octavia Philharmonica, is in Ponyville. It seems that Canterlot will be having a three-month long music festival, they need a top-notch lyre player, and Octavia has recommended Lyra. Lyra is thrilled, of course, but torn as to whether she can really leave her friends for months to go play music in Canterlot. Meanwhile, Trixie is sure that this is just a political move and that one of the Canterlot factions thinks having Lyra under their hooves would be helpful. Unfortunately, Lyra is all too aware of how manipulative Trixie can be. She thinks that Trixie's warnings are just a selfish attempt to keep Lyra nearby in Ponyville, and is only driven closer to accepting Octavia's offer. Can Trixie patch things up with Lyra and expose Octavia's scheme? Lunaverse story.

    Friendship Goes Both Ways by Mooncalf


    When Trixie finds a magic mane pin that will make everypony love and adore her, she decides to use it to get revenge on the residents of Ponyville, one group in particular. But there are some things about friendship that she never expected...

    Ten of Cups by bahatumay


    The Great and Powerful Trixie performs at a foal's birthday party. She had no choice.

    Of Two Minds by CTVulpin


    The Great and Powerful Trixie is finally the successful stage magician she always dreamed of becoming. However, she can't stop thinking about Ponyville and went wrong for her there. When she brings her new show to town to try and repair her image, the only pony that will accept her is Twilight Sparkle. A conversation leads to a bet, and the bet leads to attempting a mind-swapping spell that fails and traps both Trixie and Twilight in the former's body. Can the two magically gifted ponies get along, and can they keep the mishap a secret from Twilight's friends until a solution can be found?

    Princess Trixie by Emperor


    Following the final Magic Duel, Ponyville holds Trixie in custody until she can be attended to by one of the Princesses. However, when Celestia arrives with Prince Blueblood in tow, a shocking truth awaits the residents of Ponyville.

    An Advanced Lesson in Friendship by AndrewRogue


    Sometimes friendships are simple.

    Sometimes they're complicated.

    And sometimes a little thing like waking up next to your best friend makes them go from one to the other really, really fast.

    Trixie's Nap Hole by Majin Syeekoh


    Trixie tries to convince Starlight of the reality of nap holes.

    Trixie and Trix-Sire by FanOfMostEverything


    Rainbow Dash is a mare of many talents, among them incredible passive observation skills. Once she no longer worried about getting her chance to ride the most amazing roller coaster that ever was like any proper Wonderbolt, she could take the time to process everything her brain noticed while she was busy.

    That's when the family resemblance hit her.

    Then some other things.

    This is going to be awkward.

    The Great and Powerful Fluttershy by Bookish Delight


    Trixie needs a new pet.

    Fluttershy works at the local pet shop.

    This has about a 50/50 chance of working out.


    Starlight and Trixie's Bonding Adventure by Kamikakushi


    When Trixie and Starlight find the friendship map after Trixie misplaced it with her wayward teleportation spell, the two discover a horrible mistake that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. After all, there's a reason most ponies don't teleport big things around on a whim.

    Good thing Starlight has a plan and the know how that can take care of the whole problem.

    Wheels: Not to be Trusted by TheBandBrony


    The Great and Powerful Trixie does not trust wheels.

    The Great and Deathless Trixie by Bok


    Trixie's line of work is dangerous. But she's a careful showpony, and that's why she's only died a few dozen times in her career.

    She thinks this is normal.

    The Doom that Came to Tambelon by MagnetBolt


    Starlight Glimmer. Trixie Lulamoon. Tempest Shadow. Three ponies that are definitely really great with foals. But there's no way they'll mess this up, right? They just have to keep Flurry Heart out of trouble for one night - what could happen in a couple hours?

    The Braggart and the Bug by PointlessGizmo


    We've all heard tales of what happens when changelings get taken in by ponies. However, in almost all these cases it's one of the so-called good ponies that finds and takes in the hapless insectoid. So what happens when an especially low-ranking changeling is found and taken in by an altogether less desirable character?

    Well, as one might expect, things don't go to plan.

    Trixie's Back-Alley-at-Midnight Firework Shop by Alex_


    Finding themselves with a surplus of illegal fireworks, Trixie and Starlight begin selling them on the black market, to make a bit of extra money on the side. But what sort of ponies would want to buy illicit fireworks?

    Stealing the Deed by Justice3442


    Trixie steals the deed to the Golden Oaks Library. She quickly finds out this doesn't mean what she thinks it means.

    The Adventures of Trixie if Her Father Was a Badass Alien by totallynotabrony


    After being exposed to radiation and misfiring age spells, Trixie was forced to relive her foalhood in the care of a mysterious, possibly insane, stallion who claims to be from another planet. Now that he's gone, Trixie will have to make her own way using the skills he taught her and a few pieces of otherworldly technology.

    This story is rated M for machine gun.

    Concessions by Chuckfinley


    The armies of the free world — from the Myrmidons of Minos to the Border Guard of Equestria — unite to free the deer nation Nainuoc from a tyrant and destroy his secret doomsday devices.

    Critics see a quagmire, cooked up on flimsy pretenses. Supporters see a just war of liberation, for the safety of the world.

    Gilda and Trixie see comically large sums of money, drifting softly into their clutches.

    The Five Stages of Grief with Trixie Lulamoon by Curly Q


    Twilight becomes Princess. Trixie doesn't cope very well.

    It's Tricksy by Ezn


    The Great and Powerful Trixie's first performance in Zebrica becomes a war of words.

    Trixie Trismegistus Subjugates the Demon Queens of Canterlot Castle


    Trixie Trismegistus Trisdunamis, wandering adventurer and wizard supreme, faces her greatest and most terrible enemies yet - The Demon Queen of Fire and the Demon Queen of Darkness! Armed with her formidable magical artifacts, she stands before their impenetrable castle and prepares to crack open the horrors within.

    Hear the tale of how the Great and Powerful (and also very attractive) wizard emerges victorious and brings her enemies under her control!

    Some White Powder Solves One Pony's Problems by Justice3442


    Trixie has a problem. She may have accidently, and awesomely, teleported a table during a simple magic exercise. At least the table has been found, but now she has to, ugh, talk about what happened with Twilight… Or does she?

    Hat Trix by DrakeyC


    Twilight gets a very unexpected visitor in her library - Trixie, complaining about something odd with her hat. Twilight discovers one of Trixie's spells may have been distorted, resulting in a very dangerous side-effect focused on the hat's contents. Can Trixie and Spike keep the library safe from what's trying to escape her headgear until Twilight finds a spell to stop it?


    Broken on the Wheel by billymorph


    With only a broken wagon, seventeen bits, and a shattered reputation to her name it seemed that the world could not grind The Great and Powerful Trixie down any further. When an old friend offered Trixie the opportunity to start again, with a heavy bag of bits to help her back on her hooves, she grudgingly accepted. All that was required was a little magical assistance; no schemes, no cursed amulets, no risk of getting banished to the moon.

    They never told her the ritual was to summon the Nightmare back to Equestria. Now, as the Nightmare’s new host, all that stands between Equestria and eternal darkness is the determination of Trixie Lulamoon, a mare who already lost everything for the sake of power. In her quest to maybe save the world, and certainly save herself, Trixie will explore the depth to which power can corrupt and the lengths ponies will go to possess it. It’s that, or break on life’s wheel.

    Image and Impact by TheBandBrony


    "Why do you think Trixie acts the way she does, Twilight Sparkle? Why do you think she became a showpony in the first place? She does it so she can be remembered. All the good Trixie did, all the bad Trixie did--it was all so her name would never die out, even after she herself had. She will not allow herself to be used as a catalyst for some greater scheme, then tossed to the wayside to be forgotten. She will make the world remember her name."

    Years after her humiliating fiasco in Ponyville, a pacified Trixie returns to try and find closure with the ponies she hurt the most. But time has wiped the slate clean in more than one way, leaving the showpony forgotten, nothing more than a fading memory in the minds of the townsfolk. Will a mare who devoted her whole life to being remembered find solace in the vastness of her impact? Or will the loss of her hallowed image tear her apart?

    Crying in a Bottle by Starlight_Flight


    In the village of Wellshod, a day and a third's travel from the burgeoning Ponyville, there is a general store and a tavern, and that's about it. Someone who was once "Great and Powerful" has been watering her salt lick with tears...

    I Was Nothing by ROBCakeran53


    I am the greatest and most powerful unicorn that ever lived.

    There's No Place Like Home by Emperor


    Depressed following the Ursa Minor incident, Trixie decides to return home to her remaining family for a visit.

    However, for Trixie, Whinnychester brings out both the best and the worst of her self and her past, as she is reminded of that which marks her as different from other ponies.

    How Hoofdini Really Did the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive by Emperor


    After Trixie's magic show (and seeing off Princess Celestia), Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie retreat to the local diner for hayburgers and hayshakes. There, Twilight and Starlight point out that it's obvious how Hoofdini escapes the stomach of the manticore and reappears in the box: teleportation.

    Trixie knows the truth behind the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive, but doesn't dare correct Twilight and Starlight's false assumptions. How could she, when the truth is so much more horrifying?

    Lulamoon Dreams by Spirit Shift


    Ever since her return, Luna's been hesitant to return to the Dreamscape, believing that ponies don't need her entering their dreams anymore. Finally deciding to take a chance, Luna comes across what appears to be a nightmare. Within lies a boastful mare, completely astounding the audience with her performance. However, things change when the act is over when Luna catches a glimpse of the pony within.

    Can Luna reach past this mare's boastful exterior? Can she find the truth behind the act?

    The Piano Man by The Sentient Cloud


    A pianist from Earth is home on a lonely Saturday, getting ready to enjoy his weekend, when he is suddenly summoned to Equestria - only to find himself being held captive by The Great and Powerful Trixie, who plans to use him as a piano-playing slave in her show.

    The Stars Never Change by Overload


    Somewhere within the vast reaches of the Crystal Mountains, a changeling scout stumbles across a dying mare. Confused, upset, and unsure what else to do, he decides to carry her back to his queen…

    Actually, I'm Dead by Wave Blaster


    The Accursed Alicorn Amulet. An item of great power, capable of giving any pony wearing it the power reserved only for alicorns. The power of a god among mortals. All of that, only at one price; your sanity.

    Not an easy decision, isn't it? Sure, a mind is something precious and all that, but the temptation of having such a power can be too much for certain ponies. It was too much for Trixie, and she fell for it. It's a good thing that Twilight Sparkle managed to save her from a life of insanity.

    But, what would happen if Trixie's sanity wasn't the only price to pay? What else could the Amulet take from Trixie?


    Blueblood's Blush by Sophocoles


    Celestia, in an attempt to get her young nephew off his high horse, has Blueblood go outside and meet new ponies. While outside he bumps into a poster of nopony else but The Great and Powerful Trixie. Will anything come of this? Stay tuned and find out!

    A Twixie Love Story by Yukito


    A romance story with Twilight and Trixie, based in a world where Twilight and Trixie are a couple, and get together in secret to go on dates.

    A Mare's Tail by Southpaw


    Twilight just wants to read, preferably without any third-pony interruptions. But Trixie clearly has her own idea about what Twilight really wants, and it doesn’t seem to include reading.

    Note: No romance novels are harmed in the telling of this story, though maybe they should be.

    The Trixie Treatment. by DerpyDitzyDerpyDo


    A Trixiejack ship!

    It all began during a terrible storm. Two mares with an awkward and bitter past end up forced to share each others company. A kindness offered and a kindness reciprocated. And before either one knew what was happening they were both tumbling head over hooves. But into what? Friendship? Or something more.

    Revisions by Ceffyl Dwr


    On a cold, dark night, Trixie finally returns to Ponyville to seek assistance from the one pony who can help her—Twilight Sparkle. As the hours pass by, both ponies come to realise that the images they hold of each other might need updating—a fact that brings both misunderstandings and the promise of something better.

    Longing for a Princess by TrixiePony


    Left alone, Trixie ruminates over the recent state of her relationship with Twilight Sparkle, a Princess of Equestria. As the solitary evening drags, her feelings conflict, and a few glasses of wine do little to aid in her equanimity.


    Rebuilding by JD McGregor


    Trixie saw it first, and then so did Twilight: Starlight has a problem, and it all leads back to her childhood. Something inside still haunts her and keeps her from truly fitting in. But when Trixie arrives one morning to mooch a free breakfast and propose a silly plan, Twilight never expected it to send her beloved student running from the room in tears.

    The only way to deal with this will be for Starlight to confront her childhood fears, but this time, she'll have Trixie by her side. Still, all the planning and checklists in the world can't prepare Twilight for where this will lead them. In the end, all of their lives will be changed.

    Trixie Lulamoon and the Horrendous Hypothesis by Kudzuhaiku


    An older, wiser Trixie Lulamoon just so happens to have a somewhat above average student named Sumac Apple, whom she takes to meet with Twilight Sparkle, as Twilight is holding a contest, looking for the best and brightest students.

    Sumac Apple just so happens to have a Horrendous Hypothesis that will not only change the lives of himself and Trixie, but holds an ominous warning for all of Equestria.

    Great and Powerful by Between Lines


    With nowhere left to go, the Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself returning to Canterlot, the city she tried to get away from so long ago...

    Stonewalled at the Spring Fling by Phaoray


    A new school, a new chance. Trixie's going to be popular this time. And what better way than to be Princess of the Spring Fling? But, Trixie isn't the only new girl. Care to know what happened to the girl who first challenged Sunset's rule?

    Oh, and Maud's hanging around by some rocks...somewhere.


    The Destiny Trap by AndrewRogue


    Returning from a trip to Manehattan, Trixie has a brand new magic trick that she's all too eager to share with Starlight.

    Unfortunately, when things don't work quite as expected, Trixie and Starlight are forced to go on a journey across Equestria to find the pony that gave her the trick and make things right once more.

    Chasing Winter by Raging Mouse


    Events have not been kind to Trixie since her second time challenging Twilight, but hardship breeds wisdom. If only she'd have any time to think things over! She's been involved in an accident, earning the enmity of somepony very powerful. To escape her troubles she accepts the offer to join an expedition with a mysterious goal.

    Trixie has once again bit off more than she can chew. Before long she'll be out in the cold...

    Entropy by zaponator


    Trixie and Starlight Glimmer experiment with time magic.

    Tilt by Passport-Clean


    Applejack is hell-bent on beating the high score on ‘Sea Pony Symphony’, her favorite pinball machine. Unfortunately the game has a dangerous twist in store for her. Will an unlikely retired pinball wizard be able to save her from a musical fate that is truly worse than death?

    Outlaw Mares 1: A Hoof Full of Trixie by Digodragon


    Can Equestria's most magical pony survive the lawless land of the Weird West?

    Months after the Alicorn Amulet incident, Trixie tries in vain to rebuild her reputation as a great magician. Then one day she reads an article proclaiming that The Great and Powerful Trixie is in the sleepy town of Saddlestone, taking on all vagrants and rogues to clean up the streets. Who is this mare that dares steal Trixie's identity?

    Trixie travels out west to find out, stepping into the world of Equestria's Weird West- an untamed land of dangerous adventure, legendary creatures, and deadly webs of conspiracy. Caught up in the mystery of Saddlestone, Trixie is determined to find the answers and uncover the truth behind the town's troubles. However, as she dives deeper, Trixie finds that the town holds secrets that have destroyed the lives of curious ponies before her. Can Trixie trust anyone to help her in this lawless town, or will she become another victim to the unknown denizens plaguing this desert?

    Trixie Lulamoon of the Dreamguard by Hoopy McGee


    It's been a long time since Trixie Lulamoon could call herself "Great and Powerful". After her humiliation at Ponyville, she searched far and wide across Equestria, looking for some way to restore her reputation and shore up her pride.

    Lucky for her, Princess Luna has decided to re-open a very special division of the Guard: The Dreamguard. Trixie was only one of many to apply, but she was the very first to be accepted. Now she has a roof over her head, three square meals a day, and lessons in dreamwalking taught to her by the Princess of the Night, herself!

    As far as Trixie is concerned, life couldn't be better. But the Dreamrealms have wonders and dangers all their own.

    Longest Night, Longest Day by RainbowDoubleDash


    Trixie Lulamoon, the personal student of Princess Luna, has finally, through a combination of reasoning, pleading, and whining, managed to convince the princess to invest some real responsibility in her, and give her a chance to show off everything she's been learning while under the alicorn's wing. Luna has appointed Trixie to be the official representative of her Night Court to the town of Ponyville, which this year will be hosting the Longest Night Celebration. Trixie is additionally tasked with overseeing the preparations for that festival.

    At first, things seem to be going less than swimmingly. The catering is way too many kinds of apples, the weather patrol is far behind, the musical maestro is nowhere to be found, and the decorations could use significant toning down. To top it all off, Trixie can't help but feel that this was less an appointment to a position of real responsibility, and more an informal exile from the Night Court. Still, things could be worse: a mad alicorn goddess of fire and hate could escape from her millennial imprisonment on the sun and try and conquer Equestria.

    But what are the chances of that?

    The Unchosen One by MagnetBolt


    Trixie has returned to the only life she hasn't failed at, rock farming. When her old rival comes to help her make amends, she's thrust into an adventure she doesn't want to be on, but it may be what she needs to reclaim her confidence as the Great and Powerful Trixie she once was.

    Crisis on Two Equestrias by RainbowDoubleDash


    Trixie appears once more in Ponyville, but something is...off...about her. She isn't speaking in third person. She is convinced that she is supposed to be the Element of Magic, that Celestia is supposed to be the Tyrant Sun, that Luna is supposed to rule as Equestria's monarch - and that Twilight is supposed to be a wanted criminal. Has she gone insane? Or is something bigger beginning - with consequences that Trixie, Twilight, and two entire worlds, can only guess at?

    The long-awaited Crisis on Two Equestrias begins at last!

    Where Fillies Fear to Tread by Prane


    The world seen through the eyes of a child is a place filled with wonders. Peaceful orchards become traitorous woods, hills turn into impossible to reach mountains, and small critters grow into predators lurking in the shadows. In a word: a perfect place for an ace explorer like Trixie!

    There are some places even brave Trixie would rather not enter alone, but with a guardian angel on her side. Luckily for her, one called Princess Celestia happens to be nearby.

    Thanks to Whisper Key for the list!