• Trixie Day Comes to a Close - Final Misc Submissions

    Trixie and Glimmy are off on another adventure. Until next year at least. We didn't have a ton of stuff outside of art for Trixie Day, but I think we got a pretty good amount up.

    Below the break, the sections we didn't get enough submissions for!

    NOTE: A new day arrives November 9th! Chaos Never Dies Day will be themed for Discord! Feel free to start submitting now, but expect an announcement when we get closer.



    The Great and Powerful Trixie! by VasGoTec

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    Acrylight Trixie (blue illumination) by Malte279

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    Why does nopony want to gamble with me? by Malte279

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    We're going to have a good time, Angel Bunny! by Malte279

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    Styrofoam Trixie by Malte279

    Magical Kitsune Cosplay

    Collection - From Victor