• NaPoWriMo 2018 Starts Today!

    National Pony Writing Month 2018 is a go! We officially started 12:00 A.M. and already look at those writers go! Watch in awe, as a number of brave souls plunge themselves into literary marathons, reaching new heights of imagination and word counts.

    Embark with us on this perilous and head-spinning adventure, if you dare.

    This year, I'm allowing for a grace period. So if you want to enter but didn't see the announcement post last weekend, have no fear! You have until November 8th at 11:59 P.M. blog time to submit your late entries to eqdnapowrimo@equestriadaily.com (Author Name, Story Title, and Word Count Goal). After that point, no more entries will be accepted.

    Taking a cue from Novel-Idea last year, I thought I'd give you a few words of advice as you begin.

    1. Quantity Over Quality A.K.A. Edit Later. Write Now.

    As tempting as it is for some of you, don't you dare let your internal critic out to play until December 1st. You might swear by your most priceless family heirloom that you work best that way, that you can't write without editing.

    And hey, that might be true for any other month of the year, but not this November. This November? You're allowed to suck.

    You're allowed to suck harder than you've ever sucked at anything. You're allowed to convince yourself this isn't for real, that no one will ever see this draft, and that it just doesn't matter how good it is. Because it doesn't. What matters is you write it.

    You can tear the thing to shreds in December, but that's for December You to worry about. Why? Well, I titled this Quantity over Quantity but I think another, maybe better way to say it is Productivity over Perfectionism. Get it written first.

    2. Plan Ahead

    This is what happens when you use the word plan around her
    If you know there'll be days where you can write less and days when you can write more, set different goals for those days. Maybe you work during the week but your weekends are free. There's no rule against setting higher word count goals on weekends.

    So long as, and this is important, they're still within reason of what you, personally, can write in a day. If 6,000 words is an insane thing to expect from yourself, don't set it that high.

    On another note, many of you Americans have Thanksgiving to look forward to this November. Us Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, but regardless of where you live, if you know there'll be a day or two where you can't hit your daily word count goal, try to plan for when you'll make that up.

    Similarly, do the math (bleck, I know). To write 50,000 words in a month, you'd need to write 1,667 words each day. If you need to change things up, how much do you have to write? If you have a different goal? 

    Know these things ahead of time so you can track how well you're progressing towards your goal. And if you have extra time/energy, go ahead and write!

    3. Don't Spend Your Time Brainstorming

    A number of you have projects on the go and/or an outline for the stories you want to write this November. But for some you, you live on the edge, flying by the seat of your pants and living dangerously.

    We have an interview with a fandom author of note on this very subject coming later where we'll talk more in depth, but suffice it to say: for NaPo, having some idea of where you're going is a good idea.

    Writing as much as 1,667 words takes a lot of time out of your day. If you have to add brainstorming time onto that, that's even more, or worse, you might not reach your goal.

    Even if it's just a small, general synopsis for a scene or the story, know where you wanna go. You'll get there faster.

    4. Writing Buddies Help

    You should be writing, Starlight
    Whether they're your real life friends and family, or online friends, or even the good folks at NaNoWriMo.org, having someone to keep you accountable helps.

    Writing buddies can get you excited, too! My best friend isn't a writer, but they're always open to hearing about my stories, and in rambling to them about it, I get more and more pumped about the project I'm working on!

    So, sign up for NaNoWriMo.org. Check out the EQD Discord #writer's-guild chatroom. Talk to anyone you think will listen. And hey, while you're at it, check in here on Mondays and Fridays for Interviews with noteworthy fandom writers and pep talks from yours truly!

    Trust me. If the person with social anxiety disorder is telling you to reach out, that's a good sign you should.

    5. Write Every Day and Make it a Habit

    Every day? Yes, every day. Even on the days you're busy, regardless of whether you write 10,000 or 10 words. It makes it so much easier on yourself. Otherwise, the workload piles up.

    If your goal is 50,000, your daily goal is 1,667 words. Live by it.

    Making it a habit, then, involves writing every day around the same time and in the same comfy place. Same bat time, same bat channel! Once you've done it enough times, you'll know it's writing time.

    6. Find Time 

    Got a bus ride to school? Write. Got some time between classes? Write. Waiting around for that delicious Thanksgiving turkey before family gets there? You better believe that's some writing.

    Your days won't all bend around your writing time. You've got obligations, responsibilities, a whole life to live! So you have to write around all that.

    This might seem contrary to the last one, but you can do both. Have a regular writing time, but also squeeze in writing where you can in your day.

    7. Focus on Writing (Limit Distractions)

    If you have to be cruel and take the internet away from yourself, by god do it. Personally, I need music to focus on writing, but I'll plug my headphones into my iPad and turn off the internet on my laptop to really focus on the good stuff.

    For me, focusing on writing requires a few things: 1. Headphones and music. 2. A drink (water, pop, hot chocolate, etc.). And that's about it. I prefer to be alone where no one can see what I'm writing, but that's a preference I can overcome.

    Learn (or use to your advantage) what works for you!

    8. Chunk it or Marathon It. Either way, keeping pushing through

    You've got two options. You can break up your daily word count goal into smaller chunks, or do it in one or two big sessions.

    As you go, you'll find what works best for you. 10 sessions of 167? Or one big ol' 1667 binge? You decide!

    9. Celebrate Milestones

    I'll be around to help motivate you throughout the month, but NaPoWriMo is easiest and most fun when you motivate yourself! These are huge accomplishments! Relish in the glory of every significant milestone (even if you've hit them before)! You've earned it.

    You can even plan your rewards ahead of time, if you'd like something to work for. 

    10. No Comparisons

    Similar to the no critics allowed rule, this month isn't about competing with other participants. Whether it's quantity or quality, this month is entirely about you and your work. This is a personal challenge, a personal triumph, and ultimately, there's no need to look to the more experienced and/or prolific writers for inspiration. You're your own inspiration, baby!

    With all that said, the student 6 have made some word count goals for the month:

    Looks like Silver Stream is ready for some stream of consciousness!

    And, of course Yona's ready to prove Yak's best at pony writing event.

    Sand Bar wants to challenge himself to the 50 k, and Gallus, well, he was going to choose 1 word, but his friends talked him up a smidge after finding his super secret poetry (shh, no one must know).

    Smolder's not normally one to do boring things like sit around and write all day, but she has a few stories from the dragon lands in mind that she knows will blow everyone away.

    And Ocellus has a busy study schedule. She'd still like to participate with her friends, but she wouldn't want to get behind on her studies and disappoint her professors, would she?

    Aside from the students, I'm proud to announce we have nearly 30 brave participants challenging themselves this month! Good luck to everyone and happy writing!

    NaPoWriMo 2018 Participants:

    75,000+ Club

    Author: Cinnebar, Goal: 100,000, Story: The Artificial 
    Author: XombieSlayr, Goal: 100,000, Story: Poppy's Delivery Service
    Author: Novel-Idea, Goal: 75,000, Story: Each Night I Dream

    50,000+ Club

    Author: Liberty Dude, Goal: 60,000, Stories: Don't Talk to Strangers; Rinse and Spit; The Spare; Two Scoops Too: 2 Scoops 2 Many; Spade of Aces; The Necessary Scares; Cootie Mark Crusaders; Don't Fear the Darkness; What a Horrible Pony; Daughter of Darkness; Hard Rain All Week
    Author: Krickis, Goal: 50,000, Story: Playing House
    Author: Rune Singer, Goal: 50,000, Story: The Book of Ages. Volume 2. Sacrifice and Immortality.
    Author: Deep Delver, Goal: 50,000, Stories: Vellum and Velvet; The Sunken Citadel; The Wolfslayer
    Author: Background Voice, Goal: 50,000, Story: Narrating Dash
    Author: Mares Fillies, Goal: 50,000, Story: Mares & Twilight: The Ageless Fanboy Love Story (PG Version)
    Author: Ocean Melody, Goal: 50,000, Story: Pony Sim
    Author: Drag Orion, Goal: 50,000, Story: Bloodstone
    Author: Vante, Goal: 50,000, Story: Zeppelins and the Ghost Legion
    Author: Caneighdian, Goal, 50,000, Story: A Different Path
    Author: PastCat, Goal: 50,000, Story: Horsey
    Author: Snackrificial Jam, Goal: 50,000, Stories: White Coat Anxiety; The Scientist's Apprentice; The Ponies Upstairs; Daring Do and the Pillar of Hope
    Author: MarvelandPonder, Goal: 50,000, Story: Paradox #1: The Disappearance of Sunset Shimmer

    25,000+ Club

    Author: Silent Whisper, Goal: 30,000, Story: Children of the Sun
    Author: Anko, Goal: 25,000 - 30,000, Story: Reunion
    Author: PsychicKid, Goal: 26,000, Story: Hyperion
    Author: Corvoblu, Goal: 25,000, Story: The Sun Sickness
    Author: Frog Rabbit, Goal: 25,000, Story: An Adventure of Love; A Trial of Friendship
    Author: Monsoon, Goal: 25,000, Story: Our New Home

    20,000+ Club

    Author: Hirsute Henry, Goal: 21,000, Story: A Night at the Movies
    Author: CreativeOverflow, Goal: 20,000, Story: The Silken Cost
    Author: Nighthawk, Goal: 20,000, Story: ProjectZero
    Author: Undome Tinwe, Goal: 20,000, Story: One Hundred Days

    10,000+ Club

    Author: T6, Goal: 15,000, Story: Four Corners
    Author: Impossible Numbers, Goal: 10,000, Story: Volcanic Bond
    Author: TKitten16, Goal: 10,000, Story: A Furious Storm