• Top Ten Scares in Friendship is Magic

    Nightmare Night, what a fright!  It's Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, and while our pony friends tend to stay very much on the cute and cuddly side of things, they've been known to dish out a couple of scares of their own from time to time.  So in honor of Nightmare Moon, let's count down the creepiest moments this show has to offer.

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    10.  The Slender Pony Cometh

    When you see it...

    We begin our fright fest with that one time the king of creepypasta himself, Slender Man, decided to make a guest appearance.  In Pinkie Apple Pie he can be seen for just a split second coming out of the woods after a hand-written note is picked up, as a reference to the popular video game.  It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, made all the more unsettling by the fact that the showrunners claimed to have no knowledge of him being in the episode until it was pointed out to them by fans.

    9. Creepy Chrysalis

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope.  So much nope.

    When Chrysalis made her big comeback in To Where and Back Again, she did so in a manner that reminds us just how horrifying she really is.  I mean, she's already an insane parasitic bug monster with a body full of gaping holes, but this?  The way she crawls around on the ceiling, limbs bet at unnatural unnatural angles, and spinning her head around a full 360 degrees is something straight out of Japanese horror like The Grudge or The Ring.  Definitely one of the more unsettling moments in this show's animation.

    8. H E L L O 

    W H O  A R E  Y O U

    Aaah what the hell?!  The hell is that?  Okay, that's messed up.  Did I save the wrong picture or something when I... Wait, what?  Is that... is it dictating me right now?  I didn't even know blogger could do that.  How do I turn this off?  Agh, come on it won't even let me delete it.  Ugh, guess I'm gonna have to trash this and rewrite it from the beginning.

    Oh come on!  Why is it all still there?  And it's still doing the thing! Do I have to clear my entire history or-  Wait...

    My mic isn't even plugged in. So how is it


    Oh god, what's-  NO!  NO NO NO

    It is fine.

    It will all be fine.

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    When Angel Bunny.  Was asked by Fluttershy to scare her friends.  He played a trick on Apple Jack by telling her that her grandmother was dead.  This was very frightening, because you did not suspect something like this could happen.

    There are many things you do not suspect.

    Ha ha... the portal to equestria. That was always the joke, wasn't it?  "The real world sucks, let's go and live with the ponies instead."  It sounded so nice. 

    But we didn't know. 

    How could we have known?  Known what would really be waiting for us on the other side?  That paralyzing, unspeakable truth that our screens mercifully filtered out.  Ha ha ha.  The fourth wall, we used to call it.  Who could have suspected what would actually be there when it was finally broken.  We didn't know.  Ha ha, Gods below, we didn't know!

    But it's too late now.  Too late for me.  For us all.

    I know.

    I wanted to know and I now know and I now wish I could not know.  How did the old song go again?  I used to wonder what friendship could be...

     and the sound of hooves and the sun blotted out from the sky and the sound of hooves and reality torn to shreds and the sound of hooves and the swarm of decaying parasites and the sound of hooves and the king of shadows returned from the dead and the sound of hooves and the forests rise up to reclaim the land and the sound of hooves and the devil incarnate and the sound of hooves and the loss of self and the sound of hooves and history perverted again and again and the sound of hooves and the return of the queen and the sound of hooves and the inky black creature of the void and the sound of hooves and the corrupted child and the sound of hooves and the sound of hooves and the sound of hooves and

    He saw

    He saw

    Happy Nightmare Night, everypony!

    ~ The Skullivan