• New "Haunting in Equestria" Book Announces From Tails of Equestria

    Tails of Equestria has announced a new book for their My Little Pony RPG series called "Haunting in Equestria". The exact description:

    Imagine a world in which Princess Celestia failed to defeat her sister. Imagine a world where a sinister reflection of Princess Luna stands victorious, and Equestria lies in darkness. This is the realm of shadow, a parallel world, a separate dimension from the Equestria we know and love.
    On a certain Nightmare Night, when Ponyville is full of celebration, a bridge to this realm is opened, and the shadows set their sights on the world of light.

    Their official release will be some time in November, with pre-orders opening at midnight tonight over here.

    Thanks to Arcadia for sending it.