• Editorial: My Relatable Pony: Trixie

    It’s Showtime! This pony is the master of all that dazzles. With an ego the size of a small planet, Trixie can turn any misstep into a cunning display of magical genius! Or at least that’s what she advertised.

    If you think you can match Trixie’s greatness, then step right up and please do crowd. You are about to have your minds opened to just how amazingly similar you and the Great and Powerful Trixie can be (remember that Trixie is, of course, a tad more greater and powerful-er than you).

    Ah, Trixie. At first, I denied having anything in common with such a repugnant character, but by the episode Second Prances, I was captivated by her. She has an ego, yes, but what I’ve learned about some people with big egos is that they do it because they feel small. Trixie doesn’t have a lot of friends or family support. Trixie has had to be Trixie’s biggest fan in order to build the confidence she’s needed to become a magician.

    I relate to being my own cheerleader at times in my life and that makes Trixie one of the characters I relate the most to. Let's review just a few of her traits.

    Boast Busters: Ego

    You can't look away, can you?

    Can I take a little extra time here than I usually do on these types of posts? Scold me later for rambling.

    We all relate to being prideful at some time in our lives, and a healthy dose of self-esteem is good for us. What makes Trixie a character so many immediately sympathized with was just how justified that pride seemed to be.

    As Spike pointed out in Boast Buster, unicorns “only have a little magic that matches their special talents.” The fact that Trixie is able to do so many different things with her magic legitimately makes her more unique than most unicorns she’s ever met, at least up until Twilight.

    Trixie really is something special to see. She even bests the mane 5.

    Trixie just hogtied Equestria's greatest rodeo star. Think about it.
    The issue here was that Trixie began to lie to over exaggerate her abilities. Now, remember this is the only form of praise Trixie gets from others. She’s a performer and she’s getting validation from the applause of an audience. Her being amazing is what makes the audience praise her. She's gotten caught up in her talents and began to belittle others and lie about her accomplishments.

    However, no matter how good a creature gets at a specific talent, there’s always some creature else who can do it better. And even if Trixie was the all-around best at magic, there would still be other things she couldn’t do. But the Greatly Average Trixie is not what audiences come to see.

    Trixie: I'd get rid of this Ursa, but I can't do it if you're watching.
    I must confess, Trixie was unfairly taunted by the mane 5. (Doesn’t give her a reason for her cruelty, just making a note of it) When our ego is provoked, it can drive us to do some pretty silly things. Which is my next most relatable point:

    Magic Duel: The Come-Back

    I wonder if this is why Trixie has a different wagon by the episode Road to Friendship.
    Getting caught in a serious lie can ruin a person. Anyone know the feeling. Others don't forgive lying very easily.

    Trixie claimed to be greater than she was and because of one night of bad boasting, Trixie was being ridiculed for doing the very thing she was good at. Trixie may have acted rudely in the past, but the fact still remains that she's a good magician. Others didn't want to see that anymore though. Trixie wasn't able to live out her greatest pleasure, her connection to others, and her cutie mark.

    Trixie: Oh, I'll make a comeback. And a never Leave! 
    Even though Trixie’s come back involved enslaving Ponyville in a way-over-the-top revenge plot, Trixie didn’t back down from the assertion that she was, in fact, good at magic. Some of us can relate to her determination to prove herself even when things were falling apart. No matter what failures Trixie created in the past, she knows she’s Great and Powerful, and there’s something to admire in that.

    Even though pride is considered a bad thing and it did hurt Trixie's characters in these episodes, we can relate to the need to preseve ourselfs and believe in our own greatness. Pride isn't bad, it's just got to be balanced with humility.

    No Second Prances: Functioning with a broken heart

    Can we talk about how Trixie was willing to be eaten alive?
    Trixie had just made the second biggest mistakes of her life and lost her only friend, and yet she was still committed to her performance. There was nothing that was going to make Trixie cancel her Way To Go Dum-dum, You Really Messed It Up This Time repentance tour; this was supposed to be the greatest night of her life remember?

    Life doesn’t stop just because we feel like our heart did. 
    Many of us have had to wear a brave face/ a smile/ a composed demeanor while at the same time trying to conceal the turmoil in our hearts. Trixie is an example of just how crazy our actions can get when we try to function under such stress.

    There’s no telling how much time and emotional energy Trixie has put into her apology show, but with an ego like hers, I’d imagine it was a lot. But there are things in this world we feel we can't neglect just because our personal life is falling apart.

    Either that desperate apology show would get the love of her audience back, or Trixie had no friends to fall back on and she would be completely alone again just like in Magic Dule; there's no time to cry. I kinda hope no one relates to that.

    To Where and Back Again: Being Encouraging, but in your own way.

    Trixie: I know you're afraid to be in charge, but I really want to get this over with so I can go home soon. Suck it up.
    After a full day of frustration and fear, you can’t help but relate to how Trixie chose to encourage Starlight: straight to the point but heartfelt.

    She doesn’t know how to use the right words or sing a sappy song, she just grits her teeth and tells Starlight, "You got this girl." I know someone out there does this. Flowery language ain't needed, encouragement is.

    All Bottled Up: Lack of Sympathy

    Starlight: She's not worth the prison time.
    Trixie doesn’t understand how her actions affect others. In fact, she often trivializing Starlight’s experiences. In All Bottled Up, Trixie forgets that Starlight has her own independent feelings about Twilight and co. and Trixie disregards the role Twilight plays in Starlight’s life.

    Trixie is used to being alone and doesn’t relate to other ponies except for the performer-audience role. (Seriously, before Twilight as an enemy and Starlight as a friend, the only real contact Trixie got from others was their applause). For those who haven’t had opportunities to make a lot of friends, you probably relate to how hard it can be to recognize all the varying needs of different people.

    Uncommon Bond: Practice makes perfect

    You've got to admire the fact Trixie sets up her entire stage just for practice.
    The whole magician thing is a 24/7 job for Trixie. She’s always practicing her performances, apparently even in her sleep. She’s so committed to what she does.

    No talent improves without the time invested in practice. Even while believing she is already the greatest magician of all time, Trixie still practices. I know there are plenty of talented people out there and I know you relate to this.

    I wonder how many hours of rehearsal go into each of her shows.

    Road to Friendship: It Matters To Me!

    You never forget your first car . . . I mean wagon.
    Yes! I know the car was 17 years old and it couldn’t go over 60mph anymore and the A/C was out and it flooded when it rained and the doors in the back didn’t open anymore and I had to use a screwdriver to shift gears, But The Legacy Was My Best Friend! (Wait . . . Trixie Day, stay focused.)

    Um, sometimes Trixie does things that might make little sense to the observer but material things can hold significance.

    It’s not so much the wagon Trixie is attached to but the memories she's made with it and the potential to make more. Her wagon is an extension of herself and certainly we can relate to these feelings as well. I think this is a very common thing among us.

    Come on, be honest. There's something you own you just couldn't living without even if it made your life easier.

    Wait! The Show Can't Be Over Yet!

    Always leave them begging for more!
    Trixie may have her quirks; she’s a rather flawed character to be sure, but what she lacks in social compassion she makes up for in determination. I know her personality type is a difficult one to be friends with, but everypony who sticks it out will get an amazing companion in the end. Trixie will never settle for being less than the best.

    If you relate to Trixie, you know you have a bit of a pride issue, but you also know every one of your friends deserves to feel just as great and powerful as you are! Now just learn to listen to the honest critiques of those around you and you’ll be just fine. Apply your grit to becoming a better friend and I know you'll make it there, just like Trixie's learning to do too.

    Another nice perk to a Trixie-like personality, you add a little bit of magic to everything you do.
    Happy Halloween and Trixie Day!