• 25 Trixie Songs to Listen to for Trixie Day!

    Triiiixie has arrived with a pack of awesome tracks to rock out to all day long. Hopefully you are doing that. She demands it.

    Get them all below!

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    Alex S - Trixie The Pony Troll VIP by Alex S.

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    Song - Magic Feat. Lauren G. by The Living Tombstone

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    PinkiePieSwear - Trixie's Good Side by Matt R

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    PrinceWhateverer - Constellations (Redux ft. Cadie VA) [MLP fan song] by PrinceWhateverer

    [6] Source

    Sim Gretina - Trixie's Trix by Sim Gretina

    [7] Source

    All-Powerful Trixie [FanMusic] by iamnotacleverpony

    [8] Source

    Lulamoon (ft. Rina Chan) by LaRaikaa

    [9] Source

    Trixie [Original by Forest Rain] by Forest Rain Media

    [10] Source

    4everfreebrony - House of Glass [2017 re-record] by 4everfreebrony

    [11] Source

    Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks - Tricks Up My Sleeve (SquareHead Remix) by SquareHead

    [12] Source

    TuXe - Magic Duel by TuXe

    [13] Source

    Aviators - Second Chances by Aviators

    [15] Source

    Metajoker Befriends Fragmentd - Live Again (Trixie's Ballad) (Midi Added!) by Metajoker

    [16] Source

    Makkon - A Waltz for Trixie by Brony Music Archive

    [18] Source

    Pony Music - Rejected [Drumstep] by Pony Music

    [19] Source

    ThatMusicBrony - Rejected by ThatMusicBrony

    [20] Source

    【Music】Out of Your Mind (ft. Lyde) by Vylet Pony

    [21] Source

    And The Rainfall - Over The Reals by And The Rainfall

    [22] Source

    Alone in the Rain by ATW

    [23] Source

    Zizkil - Egotistical Heart by Zizkil

    [24] Source

    PegasYs - Trixie Cannon [Neurofunk/Trap] by Ponies At Dawn

    [25] Source

    Nevermourn - Illusions VIP [DnB] by Nevermourn


    Thanks to Squeaky Belle for sending them.