• (Subbed) Season 8 Episode 26 - School Raze Part 2 - Denmark Release Tonight

    I suppose the season technically ends tonight if we go for the worldwide releases, but we will still be covering the USA and AUS releases of course. Subs usually pop up in the morning for these regardless if you don't mind non-english voices.

    Anyway, time for the finale! What will happen? Who will be voted off the island for season 9? Find out below! Once the streams pop up at least. That tends to take an hour or two. Keep an eye on the post or the comments for links.

    While you wait, part 1 has been subbed. Watch it over here:

    School Raze Part 1 Denmark Subbed 

    And find all episodes over at our episode post section.  The next one we will be covering is The Sounds of Silence in English on the 31st at 3:25 PM Blog time. This will mark the first time it is in English, but you can watch the subbed version here.