• Let's Review: Friendship Ahoy!

    We have no new comic this week, so let's dig up some buried treasure.

    Years before My Little Pony: The Movie showed that Rainbow Dash supported piracy, Friendship Ahoy! gave her a taste of the buckaneer's life. How did this two-parter handle the pirate's code?

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    Wow, got enough covers there? This was the age of variants. It was also the beginning of Princess Twilight Sparkle's reign in the comics.

    Full disclosure, this review is kind of a gimme. I actually did a video on this back for "National Talk Like a Pirate Day". My overall thoughts haven't changed, so you can check out the video review in all its swashbuckling lingo:

    There are some extra thoughts, given what's changed with time.

    How loud are those necklaces when he walks?

    There's always the awkward question about canon. The introduction of the hippogriffs through the movie might make the mermares obsolete. Then again, one could argue that the hippogriffs simply used their magic to mimic mermares, and therefore it's possible for both species to exist within the spacious sea.

    Like any true pirate, he's interested in the booty.
    Hey, don't judge! The comic made that joke first!

    I'm going to take my usual stance: as much as I enjoy continuity, a fun story need to not perfectly match with canon. As long as there's enjoyment to be found, I think that stays true to My Little Pony's ore appeal. Though Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have some awkward presentations within, the overall story is a fun tale.

    Even when a danger to herself and others,
    she's so flipping cute!

    Unlike later battles like with the Umbrum, the hijinx fights seem appropriate. The pirates are meant to be threatening, but not world-ending. It's just the right balance of menace and fun. I still hold Twilight's swaying the pirates to her side as a great example of how her character can stand out as a princess. Some magical muscle, but much of it is through honesty, direct communication, and speaking with confidence.

    I'm sorry, we can't hear you.
    Our eyes have been replaced by dollar signs.

    Last but not least, there's the question of sea pirates now that we know there are air pirates. I can't really say that one style is more practical than the other. If anything, I'd be interested to see make arguments for and against both roles. However, the two ideas need not be mutually-exclusive. Sea pirates have access to resources and opportunities that air pirates lack, and vice versa.

    I wonder if anyone has created a ship that can
    switch between sea and air?

    In terms of coolness, however, I have to give it to the air pirates. There's something about the concept of battles in the sky that appeals more than on the sea. Possible because the swashbucklers we romanticize have a grounding in history, while air pirates are a fantasy concept.

    My Little Pony:
    Treason is Magic!

    While not the strongest entry in IDW's lineup, I do think this is a fun story to revisit. It shows that if the story has charm and appeal, fans can still immerse themselves within it years later.

    I dare not consider what that thing eats.

    Now if you'll pardon me, I've got more Goodnight comics to produce. That, or I need to find a way to make early airings in other countries walk the plank! I'm Silver Quill. Thanks for reading!

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