• New Free Pen and Paper Pony RPG - Seeds of Harmony

    For all you traditional tabletop gaming fans out there, new RPG has been created to get the adventures going once again. Everything is already ready to use, including core rulebook and several expansion pieces for races, monsters to fight, and more.

    Get the description and other stuff below.

    Books and material 

    Seeds of Harmony is a fantasy pen and paper roleplay game inspired by the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Show, set 200 years after the banishmet of Nightmare Moon in a more medieval timeline.
    The game offers strong mechanics and extensive character customization, which allows the player to create their own character as they prefer and then develop them in various ways, rather than forcing a single path with determined restrictions. 
    The game comes in two different versions: while the Core Ruleset has its own setting based around the use of anthropomorphic characters and is similar to regular RPGs, the Pony Edition offers simpler variations which allows players to play as the colorful talking equines that many love.
    Aimed for those who enjoy adventures, dungeon exploration and tactical combat, the game contains many rules for those who prefer to have a lot to read, but it's also possible to use the short basic rules if you prefer something simple and want a quick start to your session. There are also pre-made characters, for those that would need an introduction to the game and its mechanics.
    Seeds of Harmony is a free game, but contains a lot of material and plenty of adaptability!