• HarmonyCon Picks Up Mrs. Elley Ray Hennessey!

    The Texas based HarmonyCon has started up their VIP announcements, bringing Elley Ray Hennesey, the voice behind Mistmane, to the upcoming event.

    Head on down below the break for all the infos on it!

    The Pillar of Beauty. The origin of the Generosity Element of Harmony.
    Elley Ray, the majestic voice behind the Pillar of Equestria Mistmane is making her way to Texas for Harmony Con 2019!
    Harmony Con is pleased to announce our first VIP Show Guest Elley Ray!
    Debuting as the mythical Mistmane from Season 7's episode "Campfire Tales" Rarity tells the tale of her favorite legendary pony. Born pure and of great beauty, Mistmane sought to travel and learn to help the world. But upon her return she found her home in utter disarray. Through a sacrifice of her outer beauty she resolved the problem at home and showed her former friend what true beauty looks like.
    Likewise the VA behind this legend is no different. And we are pleased to welcome her to Harmony Con!
    About Elley:
    Elley Ray believes in MAGIC! She has an illustrious 35-award-winning years in theatre, film, television, and radio as a storyteller; actor, director, writer, producer and teacher. Elley has voiced literally thousands of TV and radio commercials, countless animated series, and films. She is currently voicing the narrator for a new TV series called Guilty Rich, voicing several animated characters such as the beautiful Mistmane on My Little Pony, Yolanda Yuckihosen on The Wide World of Wandering Wenda by Margaret Atwood (nominated for a Canadian Screen Award), The Bagel and Becky Show, Little Charmers, Geronimo, Hotel Transylvania, Shuyen, Cyber Chase, Camp Lakebottom to name just a few; along with two upcoming animated feature films, Tabaluga and The Cat in the Hat Halloween Special, singing with Martin Short (just nominated for a Canadian Screen Award). She also voices in several other animated feature films; Z-BAW, The Alley of Dreams and Animal Crackerz with Danny DeVito, Liam Neeson and Sylvester Stallone. Elley is publishing her second book of daily inspirations called Fly With Eagles, her first one, Butterfly Kisses, can be found on Amazon. She has students all over the world coaching them in voice as well as doing demos with some garnering SOVA Voice Arts Awards in the US. Elley juries the Emmys every year for Best Voice delighting in the best of storytellers.
    She received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Windsor for her contribution to the Arts and Humanities. More can be found at www.elley-ray.com
    “May the magic be with YOU!”
    We hope to see everyone here in Dallas, TX next February 8th-10th for our first year!
    More announcements to come in the future. Stay tuned!
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