• Bonus Music #142

    Bonus music is back again with an awesome bunch of music for you all to enjoy! We've got a bunch of great remixes of show and fandom tracks, plus a few other neat tunes as well. Check them all out below the break!

    [1] Source
    DJT & Rusyd Rosman - Breathing Space (DJRedSkY Remix)
    Vocal - House

    [2] Source
    Brilliant Venture -Moved On (Brilliant Venture -n- AppleBukker vs. Changelings Remix)
    Instrumental - Chiptune

    [3] Source
    Cynifree - Catalyst
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass/Hardcore

    [4] Source
    One Track Mind - Piece Myself Together
    Instrumental - Piano

    [5] Source
    Lukas Vokrinek - I am Alive
    Instrumental - Hybrid Orchestral

    [6] Source
    Ditherer ft. Doodled - Love Trouble (TCB Remix)

    [7] Source
    SmD House - Thoughts Beyond
    Instrumental - Chillout

    [8] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Flawless (Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix)
    Vocal - Hardstle

    [9] Source
    AshleyH - "I Am Octavia" (AshleyH Cover)
    Vocal - Piano


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