• Explorable 3D Canterlot High for Gmod and SFM

    Canterlot High arrives for all you GMOD and SFM fans, or just people with computers that want to go check out a fandom interpretation of the school. SketchMCreations spent 5 months to painstakingly creating the entirety of it, from set pieces in the show to 58 total classrooms.

    The full breakdown from their DA page can be found below the break for convenience. It's extensive to say the least!

    If you want it, go download it over here

    Map features included:
    - The whole of the school property with nearly every important relevant location from the first three films and several of the shorts and a bit of the specials (with some attempt to place them logically in the building; I really did page through the whole of the first three movies for this project) (The library did take a bit of a beating because of this attempt to merge all the media into one element)
    - Faithful assets; just about everything you see here was created specifically for this project, sampled directly from the movies
    - DIY Classrooms; the known, important rooms from the films don't nearly completely fill out the number of classrooms available in the building; there is a total count of 58 classroom spaces, inclusive of the known established rooms. Not counting those, there are 52 empty classrooms and 2 pre-decorated classrooms. Included in this download is a basic pack of props from the map to decorate the blank classrooms as you please; as well, some of the classrooms have see-through windows on their doors for that extra touch of detail, inclusive of the entire west half of the third floor. And, as well, the third floor is also taller and has lots of windows in the outer halls, if you desire such an environment for your scenebuilding purposes.
    - Smaller miscalleneous details include being able to open the trophy cases in the lobby (with use of the context menu or some other unlocking/opening apparatus), toggling the up/down state of the blinds on Luna's window (no dynamic light changes included), access to the roof via the library, and the same general room controls the gym had in the beta map.
    - Evening and Nighttime variants; this mainly only changes the outside of the building, the library, and the two frontmost corridors in the side wings. The Daytime version is the one true complete version, however.
    - Layout maps of each floor are also provided in the download as nice, crisp .png files.

    And general warning, it will slow down computers that aren't strong enough to handle something so massive.