• McDonalds Pony Update! - Phillipenes Stock, Ukraine Changes Starlight's Name to Shimmer, and Korean Display

    The "WHY AREN'T THESE IN THE USA" Cutie Mark Crew McDonalds figures have had a few world-wide updates over the past few days. With their official release in Korean restaurants of the four up above happening to start it, other countries are getting on board with their own oddities.

    Continued below!

    The Phillipenes branch just announced over on Facebook that all eight would be available,  starting again with the four you see above. It looks like McDonalds is doing waves of these, so expect to collect them over the course of a month.

    And over in Ukrain, Starlight Glimmer apparently got her name shifted over to Starlight Shimmer. Is it a sign? Is the age old argument of cloning Twilight twice suddenly being merged?

    Thanks to BETAchocolate, John, Олеся, and everyone else for the heads up.