• Story: Codex Ponera - Cliffside Eyrie

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Comedy]

    Author: Pepperbrony

    Description:  Apple Bloom was simply trying to live out her life with her adoptive family. You know: grow up, earn her cutie mark, master a furycraft or two, help bring in the harvest, that sort of thing. Until one day, aged thirteen and still with neither mark nor fury, she is thrown into the metaphorical deep end when she learns of a plot to start a war with the griffons. Can she find a way to preserve peace, even when there are warmongers on both sides?
    A fusion-style crossover fic, combining My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Jim Butcher's Codex Alera, a world in which everyone has the ability to commune with and control at least one of the six types of furies, the spirits of nature.

    Codex Ponera - Cliffside Eyrie

    Additional Tags: How would you prevent a war?