• "The Break Up Break Down" Episode Followup - Cute Pones Doing Cute Things Cutely

    I'm a big softy and a hopeless romantic at heart, so I knew this would be an episode right up my alley! I'm sure many will agree that this episode delivered in spades when it comes to tooth-decaying, mind-numbing, shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie pony pie adorableness. These two are just such an endearing couple.

    Welcome to yet another installment of Equestria Dailyland's Episode Followup! Here we will discuss pones, cute pones, cute pones in love, and not eavesdropping on others from random bushes. Join me below the break for The Break Up Break Down episode followup!

    I think this is one reason most of my meals are cooked in the good ol' microwave. So much waiting. Time tends to move extra slow when you're savoring that delicious treat baking in the oven. But at least it helps builds up your appetite, eh?

    Judging by the state this kitchen seems to currently be in, I have a hunch these two don't do a whole lot of baking. To be fair, it's probably a lot cleaner than it would be had I been the one attempting to bake baking.

    Oh look, it's this guy again, haha. I rather like the whole Discord-is-a-major-nerd thing they've established with him lately. Reminds me of my nerdy side, especially in my old D&D days. And I'm sure I'm not the only one in this fandom who feels they can relate to this side of the draconequus.

    Eeyup! Big Mac is going to be an adorable love-struck fool for much of this episode. Cute moments and facial expressions imminent.

    Wow, that was fast! What was that, maybe 10 seconds? That's an academy record! Jokes and memes aside, you can't possibly say no to that.

    Any time Discord changes into a costume, I always get a feeling and wonder if it's a reference to someone or something. Probably because they so often are! Not certain about this clown costume in particular myself, but if it is and you know it, let me know down in the comments! Either way, over-sized bows are cool. Just ask Apple Bloom.

    "This smells... palatable..."

    Look on the bright side guys; at least palatable isn't uneatable, which is probably what mine would be.

    That is a real sweet gesture; actually baking the invitation into the pie. Though one would think it might end up getting too soggy to read after a little while. Perhaps putting it in a small baggy would help? Either way, sweet idea, Spike.

    Big Mac's grin and giggling laugh in this scene though. This guy is in deep.

    "Sugar Belle". Heh, clever. No actual address or even a return address though? What could possibly go wrong?!

    "For a formerly friendless immortal despot, you're pretty cynical."

    Ooooh, dat burn, Spike, dat burn. There's only one proper response to that.

    You would think Spike would be smart enough and knows Discord well enough at this point not to get into any sort of a bet with the guy. You better hope you win, Spike, or hope Discord has an unusually tiny lawn. He lives on another plane of existence in the void of the nether, how much grass could he possibly have, am I right?

    This image is also just one of those that would be amusing to caption.

    Best mailmare spotted! Our adorable muffin-loving mailmare, diligently working behind the mail counter. I just love that they actually made Derpy's occupation a mailmare. It's a kind gesture towards the fandom who for so long have depicted her as such. I must say we're rather lucky to have such an awesome staff behind this series.

    *Love-struck horse noises intensify*

    Like I said; completely, utterly, over-the-moon.

    Uh-oh. And there's the tide-turning action that leads to the beginning of the conflict. Don't worry, Derpy, we can't be mad at you. I love how she just shrugs it off, wipes it on her collar, and returns to work. Derpy ain't got no time for that!

    Looks like Derpy has some competition for most adorable mailmare. Okay, maybe not. Let's be honest; you just can't beat the Derps. But these gals are pretty adorable as well. I bet it's the uniforms.

    Sweetie Belle is judging you, tiny colorful paper heart. Intensely.

    Seems the CMC are going to be helping in the Hearts and Hooves Day preparations for the big surprise for Sugar Belle. This can only end well. 

    You know what my biggest question here is? Why would the mailpony even deliver the package to Sweet Apple Acres with only an image of a bell on it? No address to or from, not even an apple on it anywhere, nothing. And no one living there even has "bell" in their name or any association with bells to my knowledge. It's like they simply thought; "I dunno what to do with this package, so let's just leave it in front of this barn!"

    But unbeknownst to them, it just so happens someone inside said barn has bell in their name. Or did they actually know Sweetie Belle was inside and thought she could use the kind gesture? Darn you coincidence, foiled again!

    "You've got a secret admirer!"

    It's a good thing no one is jumping to conclusions or anything right now. That just leads to a bunch of silly plot twists and awkward situations.

    Is that best school teacher Cheerilee I see up in that house with a stallion? Did our dear Miss Cheerilee finally find love, or is he simply a friend lending a hoof? I hope it's the former. Cheerilee is too sweet and adorable to be single. Simply unacceptable.

    "How can they be happy if they aren't playing Ogres and Oogliettes?"

    I think you may have an unhealthy obsession with that game at this point, Discord.

    "As a great dragon poet once wrote to his beloved; 'I love you with the utmost clarity. I love you dear, my sweet sweet Rarity~'"

    Makes you wonder who this great dragon poet is. If only there were a clue in that sentence somewhere, hmm...

    I didn't really take much notice to exactly what Discord was building in this bottle first time I watched this episode. But this is one of those little details that easily goes by without a whole lot of notice but amounts to meaning something more near the end.

    Looks like Sugar Belle is planning a little surprise of her own with the help of Mrs. Cake.

    This scene mad me suddenly hungry for a souffle. Note to self: Don't write episode followups on an empty stomach.

    "Take note, Discord. This is what love is all about!"

    "Spike: Love is about spying in the bushes."


    My second choice as a header for this followup. But I wanted something with both Big Mac and Sugar Belle in it. But this is pretty cute too and set's the mood well for what this episode and followup are all about!

    This is probably why you shouldn't be spying on others from the nearby bushes. Though to be fair, I think most folks would get pretty worried and disheartened if they heard their significant other say something along the lines of "We're finished" out of nowhere like that. It's hard to read into that any other way given the day, situation, and other things she said beforehand.

    "You're right. She did surprise him."

    At least we have Discord around to make light of the situation. Still building that thing in a bottle, I see.

    Big Mac seems to be taking these turn of events rather well. And in the same way many folks I know would take such news; he's getting absolutely shit-faced drunk. Pull me up a seat, Big Mac, I'm joining ya.

    "Ponies say that, right? Like 'Hey, remember yesterday? That's finished!'"

    Whoa, Spike. That's, like, so totally woke of you to say.

    "Maybe Sugar Belle has a wacky cousin who's never been on his own and she has to leave him in charge of her shop while she apprentices with Mrs. Cake who does that like two days a week, no no, three. That's why she won't need you to come to her village anymore. Because she'll already be here!"

    Okay, now you're just being utterly silly, Spike.

    As a vintage and antique hat collector myself, I too appreciate a distinguished headpiece.

    It also wasn't until my second time watching through this episode that I noticed the trilby Big Mac is wearing here bares a little of a resemblance to the bowler derby Peter New, Big Mac's voice actor, has often been seen donning at conventions. It's the green color.

    "Lesson one: Nothing can break your heart if you only love yourself."

    Indeed, just ask the old Trixie.

    Do you think Seth heard me? He's ominously standing behind me right now, isn't he?

    "This is how cool guys lean against things."

    Can confirm. I lean against things like this all the time. Typically right before falling down on my butt. That's part of being cool, right? Right?

    I didn't notice it at first glance, but you'll notice there's two stallions at one table and two mares at one table in this scene. In an episode that is all about love and seems to be pairing ponies up. I'm not insinuating anything, oh no, just throwing that out there. Just a random observation is all.

    "Are you Sweetie Belle's secret admirer?!"

    Whew. Smooth, lil apple horse, real smooth.

    "I'm doing a research survey about sending pie in the mail anonymously."

    Sure, you think that's a silly survey idea now. But just wait, that'll be our next survey here on the site. Not really.

    Also, yay, beloved background characters!

    That skeleton student loan debt, I tell ya. It's a real killer. She has no body to help her either. We're really getting down to the marrow of these terrible puns.

    Inb4 questionable artwork of her, quite likely also containing more terrible puns.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if making a telescope were this easy?

    Sad, cute, funny. I found this scene to encompass pretty much all three! I just love how Skelenor appears to be genuinely saddened for several moments by Big Mac's display of emotions, d'aww.

    "You know what I do when I have a problem too big to solve? I hide from it!"

    Dammit, Spike!

    Looks like Discord has taken it upon himself to play devil's advocate and is going to drive more of a wedge between Big Mac and Sugar Belle. Or is he? This draconequus is quite the sly fox. And he doesn't even have any limbs of that animal!

    And so we found out Sugar Belle was really never planning to breakup with Big Mac after-all, it was all a misunderstanding. Aren't you surprised? I bet you are.

    I also like Mrs Cake's saying here: "Save your mix up for cake batter!" Legit advice.

    Also, is it just me, or does Sugar Belle look like she might belong in a DWK Totally Legit recap in this image? *insert beer can opening and water bubbling sound effects in the background*

    Then Big Mac suddenly poofs into the room and in a very solemn voice tells her they need to talk...

    The sweat drops pretty much sum it up perfectly. Poor Sugar Belle.

    That lean, though. At least Big Mac takes advice? Even when it's not terribly good advice. Sugar Belle looks worried about Big Mac's new-found posing techniques.


    To quote a famous Sock: "They do."

    I feel so incredibly bad for Sugar Belle here. She has absolutely no idea what's going on. All she knows is she just lost the most important pony in her entire life. Been there, it's real rough, Sugar Belle.

    BEST FRIENDS! Best. Friends.

    Even including the new happy couple here. Stoicly sweet.

    Another real cute couple; Cranky and Matilda!

    And there's Lily and Roseluck again too. In the exact same place as they were sitting earlier. Wow, these two sure can talk for a long time. Or maybe they just eat very very slowly.

    Sweetie Belle gets ALL the colts!

    "Maybe he used to talk too much and it only ever got him into trouble!"

    Ouch. Seems Big Mac is perhaps opening up more about himself and how he feels about himself here due to the current anger/heartbreak. I think I recall a previous episode covering the topic of why Big Mac is typically so silent, but can't recall the details at this moment. In any case, this certainly sounds like at least part of the reason Big Mac doesn't tend to say much.

    Also, look what you did now. You made Sweetie Belle cry. I'm almost certain that's a criminal offense in Equestria.

    Like her name states, Sweetie Belle is just oh so sweet and so easy to forgive and forget. This is why she's factually and unobjectionably best CMC.

    "I gotta go!"

    Everyone, please clear a path to the restrooms!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for an easy low-hanging terrible pun.

    Talk about adding insult to injury. Poor gal just lost her special somepony, and now her wagon is busted and her apples are all over the ground. As they say; when it rains, it pours. Won't anyone come to this adorable pones rescue?

    The answer is yes!

    "I heard you say 'We're finished.' when I was hiding in the bushes."

    Real smooth, other apple horse. Sugar horse is not amused.

    "Wait until I tell Spike!"

    Right, Big Mac? Spike, are you clairvoyant or something? Perhaps Spike has a special sense like Pinkie's Pinkie-sense. Spikey-sense? Sounds potentially painful.

    That absolutely adorable snort-laugh, though. Big Mac, you're one lucky stallion.

    "Wrinkle-nose cutie-face!"

    D'aww, so adorable and cute!

    Speaking of adorable, Sugar Belle shaking her head and going "nuh-uh!"... hnnnnng! I swear these pones have raised my blood sugar levels two-fold this episode.

    If I just keep screen-capping every instance of Sugar Belle being adorable or cute this episode, this followup is going to get real long real quick.

    Sweetie Belle, stop eating paper. Only Discord can do that.

    And so the invitation was finally found and things were cleared up between the CMC. I wonder if they ever returned the invitation and gave it to Sugar Belle though. It doesn't show them doing so, but I'll assume they probably did and lots of laughs were had by all.

    One small detail I noticed in this scene was how the sun looked to be slowly setting in the background. Now, that might simply be the camera panning in, but I like to think it's a nice little detail someone was thoughtful enough to incorporate.

    Sweetie Belle also makes a fairly good point here. Hearts and Hooves Day doesn't have to only mean celebrating a spouse or significant other. It can also mean celebrating those loving close friends of yours as well.

    "Who do you think broke Sugar Belle's wagon wheel?"

    And so we finally get to see what it was Discord has been slowly constructing in the bottle through-out the episode. It was Sugar Belle's wagon. Seems he was the force behind her wagon wheel breaking, causing her to have to stop and need assistance, knowing Big Mac was going to rush to speak with her again.

    He's certainly a crafty and clever little chaos monger. But as Spike said; deep down he's got a good heart.

    "Oh, and just wondering, no biggie. But is Skelenor gonna be there?"

    "Spike, she's an imaginary one-dimensional paper cut-out skeleton."

    "Well, nopony's perfect!"

    Haha, I loved that exchange. I agree, for a skeleton, Skelenor is totes waifu material. She's already got a fair amount of art on Derpibooru too. It's been said, many times, many ways, but this fandom works fast.

    And that's a wrap! Your talented team behind this episode can be found above! Sorry it's a little glitched, it's a Blogger issue.

    Anyway, that was a real sweet and adorable episode, just as I imagined it would be. It seems the lessons of this episode were just as Sugar Belle pointed out; communication is important, talking and not simply assuming, and of course, not eavesdropping on others. Sound like all fairly good advice tips to me.

    I found it perhaps a tad ironic that someone who is single is writing the followup to an episode centered around relationship and love. But it's all good. *leans against bar*

    For me, this seemed one of the better episodes this season thus far. But what were your thoughts on it? What do you think it did well and what do you think it could have improved on? Discuss down on those comments!

    This is your Break Up Break Down episode followup writer, Cobalt Comet, signing off. Until next time, readers!