• "Grannies Gone Wild" Episode Followup - Just How Wild Have the Grannies Gone?

    That title alone made me want to write the followup for this episode. Plus, it also vaguely reminded me of an episode from one of my other favorite television shows: King of The Hill.

    In this episode we get to see an awesome locale we haven't seen in a little while, Dash attempts that responsibility thing, the older ponies show those youngin's how to really party, and cats. Lot's of cats.

    I'm your smol bat writer and host, Cobalt Comet. Please join me below the break for the episode followup to "Grannies Gone Wild"!

    Note: I want to make note of the large amount of images and even some animated gif's in this followup. May slow down some older computers and mobile devices.

    We seem to be off to a a good start so far. Soarin gets ALL the mares!

    You know I love quirky and odd expressions in this show. I found the little thing Dash does with her mouth in this scene just silly enough to include here.

    "You can't really call yourself a Wonderbolt if you haven't been on it."

    >implying Dash isn't a true Wonderbolt yet

    I legit expected some kind of headstrong rebuttal to that remark from Dash. But nothing. I think she's currently too engrossed in her next life-long goal of riding that roller coaster. Or maybe it's Soarin's hoof over her shoulders. Hmm.

    I initially thought this might perhaps be in reference to something, but didn't know exactly what. Luckily we have some smart ponies in the comment sections here who catch even the smallest references. Someone yesterday noted this was in reference to a xkcd comic. Certainly makes for an interesting photo op.

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact Dash was able to make Pinkie Pie this dizzy? Seriously, that cannot be an easy feat!

    "Now, where did the blue pony touch you?"

    Angel and Rarity's expressions here pretty much sum up everyone's thoughts about Dash randomly and recklessly zooming around in these scenes.

    Angel: "I want to get off Ms. Dashs' wild ride."

    This episode followup and image brought to you by: Applejack's Eyebrow! The most honest and flexible eyebrow in Equestria!

    There's just so many things I could say for this image. So very many possibilities. But I will let you fine upstanding folks caption this one for me. Show me what you got in those comments down below!

    I  know exactly how this image should be captioned; "D'awwww!" How can you possibly say no to that face, Applejack? I don't think it's possible.

    Dash: *twitch, twitch*

    Upon seeing this face, however, I would probably run screaming for the hills.

    These cats, I tell ya, haha. Can you even bring cats to most hotels? Seems like most hotels have a no pet policy. Maybe the hotels just love their little fluffy derp expressions as much as I do.

    Dang, that hoof slap though! I haven't seen a hoof slap that fierce since the season 6 finale. Next thing you know Dash will be plotting her revenge on Applejack.

    Poor Big Macintosh. Plot twist: there's a cat in every one of those trunks and luggage bags. That's right, nothing but cats. You know what they say; only pack the essentials.

    Obligatory nose boops!

    Haha, I didn't even catch Big Mac chasing the cat in the background first time I watched this episode. I love the little details like this they tend to sneak into the background at times.

    Yup, you guessed it! Another facial expression with some good caption possibilities. Though I think we can all agree only one word truly fits this image perfectly; "Constipation."

    How long has this thing been constructed right in the middle of town? And why doesn't Twilight just land her balloon on this platform? And where is Twilight's balloon anyway?! So many questions.

    You knew I just had to include this expression, didn't you?

    Is it just me or is Cherry Berry just absolutely adorable here?

    I must say though, that this seems a sorta unfortunate profession for an Earth pony as opposed to for a Pegasus. If the balloon were to spring a leak or someone needs to be carried to safety in such an emergency, a Pegasus could simply fly. An Earth pony is not so lucky in such a circumstance. Hopefully Cherry has some parachutes stowed away down there just in case.

    That feeling when someone wants to tell you a very long very boring story. I feel especially bad for the poor cat. He was willing to jump out of a balloon at a high altitude just to escape hearing it. Must be one super boring story.

    I somehow completely missed this one at first. It took someone else pointing it out to me. Can you see what I'm talking about? That's right, this guy has both wings and a horn. Looks like you're not quite so special after-all, Twilight.

    Headcanon: This guy is actually some runaway Alicorn they're still looking for who ran away from his throne and responsibilities to live the life of a normal pony with a normal job. You may want to conceal those wings, though. That could possibly tip someone off.

    I actually thought this was sorta cool and interesting. There's two platforms setup; one for incoming balloons and one for outgoing it seems. And they have a side for folks coming into the city and one for folks to line up for a balloon out of the city. They even have marshaler's with batons guiding the balloons in and out. Pretty cool.

    And if you squint your eyes hard enough and look closely you will spot Diamond Tiara's mother, Spoiled Rich, in the balloon heading out of the city and the two tourist ponies from Whinnyapolis coming into the city.

    Oooh, pretty. I love the big scenic city scenes such as this one. And there are definitely some changes from the same scene of the city shown in the episode "Viva Las Pegasus" with Gladmane. Most notably the missing roller coaster or whatever it was behind the Ferris wheel, the addition of "The Wild Blue Yonder" coaster, and the addition of the light-up mustache and hat on the hotel. Looks like the Flim Flam Brothers put their mark on the hotel's design.

    I must say, Dash is quite the repository of reaction faces in this episode. :B

    I simply cannot help but chuckle looking over at Dash right now with that expression on her face. Goodness gracious.

    If only it were this easy to turn back the clock, eh? I would just take a couple of clothes pins to my cheeks! Sorry, I too am getting on in the years and know the feel.

    Oooh yeah, the Flim Flam Brothers most definitely put their mark on their new hotel. I think I like it more than the old layout though. This place looks more like a small indoor amusement park.

    Basically me when I'm exercising. You can hear the creaks.

    Yeah, that's typically the reaction I get too.

    "Oooh, I'm the ghost of Applejack's disembodied head, oooh~!"

    Who you gonna call? That's right, time to call a cab and hoof it out of this haunted place!

    I think I gotta agree with someone else's comment from yesterday; I think he was genuinely worried she was going to lean in for a kiss, haha. Poor guy.

    "Apple Saucy", hah! I have a feeling some of these gals may be what's commonly referred to as a "cougar".

    "Oh right, yawn."

    And the Academy Award for Best Fake Yawn to Fool Rainbow Dash goes to... !

    These cats are simply the best.

    Dem lips though. I think we both know what you're thinking right now, don't deny it.

    As many of you are probably already aware, there are some rather fun and interesting character references in this particular scene. The most noteworthy probably being that of Rick and Morty in the middle row slightly off to the left side there! And in the furthest row back, slightly off to the right hand side you can also find Walter White "Heisenberg" from Breaking Bad in his hat!

    Dash: "But this line never ends!"

    Tourist pony: "I know, right? Good thing we can just stand here all day without any responsibilities waiting for us!"

    You're one of those people who has a tendency to say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong moment, aren't you?

    Darnit, now Applejack has you doing that leg thing too, Dash.

    Looks like the cat is out of the bag-err, I mean, bed! Hah, I made a funny.

    Someone is certainly rather skilled and experienced in doing this and sneaking off me thinks. Where'd she even get the whole watermelon?!

    Aww, look! It's the top tier coupl-err, best friends! Certainly the bestest of best friends in all of Equestria! And so darn cute together to boot!

    This is the best prize in any claw machine I have ever seen ever. Don't you wish claw machines awarded real Rainbow Dash's like this one? It would be the most popular arcade game in the world no doubt.

    I believe we've seen a majority of these elderly ponies in other episodes, but I can't recall which and when exactly. I do notice Mr. Waddle right there though of course. Seems like that pony travels quite a bit. And is that him playing a love/matchmaking game with the heart on it? Perhaps with that mare he's standing next to? Hmm.

    Everyone is just thinking two words; "Dangit, Dash!"

    And it was at that very moment that Dash knew her dream of riding the roller coaster were forever, well, dashed. Get it? Because her name is Dash and... yeah, okay. Seriously though, by the end of this trip the mere mention of the words "roller coaster" will cause her to sob uncontrollably.

    "I thought you were supposed to be the fun one."

    Ooh, sick burn there, Granny Smith. In the third degree. Dash is going to need a trip to the hospital after that one.

    Oh hey, it's Cranky Doodle and pony Gordon Ramsey. Cranky doesn't look too happy either. Was something cold or raw?

    These nachos were legit making me hungry for nachos as I was writing this. Memo to myself: don't write episode followups on an empty stomach.

    Aw yeah, Vinyl Scratch in the club! Vinyl seems to play quite a lot of venues all over the place. She must be one heck of a good DJ!

    If you look real closely, you will spot our old friend Svengallop up in the right hand corner there. As much of an abrasive and mean personality he seems to be, I feel sorta sorry for him here. He looks pretty down and lonely.

    Hmm, this blue stallion certainly seems to strike an uncanny resemblance to another blue unicorn I'm sure we all know. You could even say the resemblance seems pretty Great and Powerful.

    And then there was this. I'm ashamed to say one of the first things that came to mind was this.

    Oh, hai again, Lyra and Bonbon. Still enjoying your coupl-err, friendship vacation? Lyra doesn't look too thrilled at the moment though. Bonbon is discussing the impossible possibility of human existence and Lyra isn't having any of it.

    I think a knack for strong expressive eyebrows must run in the Apple family or something.

    "We'll save a spot for you, on stage!"
    "And in our hearts."

    These two have quite a way with the ladies, no doubt.

    "Oh, hey! Thanks for giving me your place in line! They said I'm one of the last ponies ever to ride The Wild Blue Yonder!"

    Remember what I said earlier while you two were in line? Yup, you totally are!

    Okay, yup. I don't care what anyone says, for now my headcanon is totally placing this guy as Trixie's father! The appearance and the fact he's also a magician is just too much.

    Also, there's Lyra and Bonbon yet again. These two really get around.

    Applejack's giant floating head: "Do I really have to say anything?"

    Hah! That was the best wisdom from the ghost of Applejack's giant floating head this entire episode.

    And yet again Dash overreacts and ruins everything. Way to go, Blue Fast.

    He even vanishes about as well as Trixie!

    And of course this all leads up to the big inevitable confrontation. And the grannies don't hold back this time either, especially Granny Smith.

    Of course this leads to Dash finally explaining why she's been acting the way she has and why she really came to Las Pegasus. As you might have already surmised, a lot of grief could have easily been avoided had she just been honest with everyone and explained what was up in the first place.

    Also, this expression is sorta cute too.

    Dash explains she was simply following the orders Applejack had given her and something tells me Granny Smith wasn't especially surprised at this sudden revelation.

    Then the gals explain to Dash that they're in fact Gold Horseshoe members, which is the most exclusive club in Las Pegasus. They get things like fancy suites and yes, front-of-the-line privileges to special attractions like roller coasters. If only Dash had told them in the beginning, she could have been moved to the front of the line each time and rode the roller coaster plenty of times.

    It does make complete sense I suppose. They have been coming to Las Pegasus for many many years, giving them a lot of time to earn things like points and the rep and prestige to attain something like a very exclusive membership.

    Dangit, Lyra and Bonbon! You're just following them around at this point, aren't you? Hungry for more screen time, huh? No worries, we love you two so we don't mind.

    Crazed excited horse nose boops!

    Dash is so excited I'm feeling excited just because she's so excited! Excitement is contagious. Or maybe this just vaguely reminds me of the exciting time I had on the roller coasters at Cedar Point.

    And now fun roller coaster photo op time!

    They even invite Dash to become a permanent member of The Golden Horseshoe Gals club of theirs. She even got her very own complimentary outfit. That's too sweet. Seems she'll be heading back to Las Pegasus with the group again next year.

    Is it just me, or does the sun look rather peculiar this fine day?

    And roll credits!

    All-in-all I really enjoyed this episode! It's probably one of my more favorite ones. Then again, there's not an episode I truly dislike. But this one certainly earns high marks from me. It was set in a really fun locale we only get to see on occasion. Focused on a group of characters we also don't get to see much of. And as usual, it had a lot of fun references, gags, and jokes thrown in. All that make for a pretty enjoyable watch in my book.

    What are your thoughts about this episode? Did you like it or was it not the thrill ride you were looking for? Discuss away down in the comments!

    This is your episode followup writer, Cobalt Comet, signing off. Godspeed!