• You Decide - What Should We Do With Reviews?!

    People of EQD! We've run into a snag. A tsunami of videos with lengths exceeding attention spans on topics the core here really doesn't have much interest in. I think the title already told you the topic. We don't know what the hell to do with episode reviews.

    The talk around the Discord based watercooler here at HQ is that Youtube's algorithm loves them enough anyway where a post on EQD won't do much good anyhow. That's obviously not the best way to do it though. That's the "we've brought on loads of people over the years to filter these things and they always burn out in a week" mindset.

    This lead to simply posting all of them in one big pile, and we already know how that went. The post is pretty much ignored. Quality control is one of the reasons why people even bother with most of what we do here on EQD.  Posts that ignore that are usually forgotten pretty quick.

    Anyway, a survey has been set up so we can hopefully figure out what to do with these.

    Below the break, find more in depth explanations for each question, or just go nail it over here.

    What Should We Do With Weekly (New) Episode Reviews?

    This is where the trouble really started. Once people saw how successful some of the old crowd were, they all wanted in on it. It's a good way to get your opinions out there after all! Unfortunately, the old crowd pretty much has a monopoly on it, and no one here on EQD is really seeking new reviewers to follow with so many already massive names busting out opinions each week.

    Of course, every once in a while someone in this group finds a way completely change the format and stand out. DWK is a good example, and has been completely split off into his own category. So uhh, anti-analyst.

    What Should We Do With Reviews of Older Episodes? 

    These guys have had a pretty much been nightly roundup videos for a while now. A few have split off, but for the most part it's where they go. We don't see a whole lot of interest when we post them outside of it, but they also don't do incredibly well in their current place either.

    What Should We Do With Reviews From Bigger Names With Better Editing? 

    Once someone hits a certain level in the analysis world, they tend to have a lot more resources to make better videos. Custom animations, lots of motion graphics, guest stars, etc. This is where you see the Scorchers, KP's, etc.

    These guys truthfully don't need EQD anymore. Some of them grew out of us posting them long ago. Subscribers are a powerful tool on Youtube. A few even find it in their hearts to hate us. I have no idea why.

    On the EQD front, we don't see a whole lot of feedback when we post them anymore on our end either, but it does seem a little weird for a brony site to not post them. I'll leave it up to you guys!

    Survey time! 

    You can find the survey embedded below too, if it works on your browser.  Alternatively, open it here.