• "Fluttershy's Butterflies" Equestria Girls CYOA Uploaded to Youtube

    Another Equestria Girls "Choose Your Own Adventure" has been uploaded by Hasbro. This one was leaked a while back on the Discovery Family app, but now that it's on Youtube, it actually works!

    Head on down below for Fluttershy's Butterflies.

    [1] Source

    MLP: Equestria Girls Season 1 - 'Fluttershy's Butterflies' 🦋 Exclusive Short by Hasbro

    [2] Source

    Choose Applejack by Hasbro

    [3] Source

    Choose Rainbow Dash by Hasbro

    [4] Source

    Choose DJ Pon-3 by Hasbro


    Thanks to Gian, Dominck, and Unicorn Time for the heads up.