• Crystal Fair 2018 - General Event Announcements

    Crystal Fair is happening this May, with plenty of interesting things happening to get people in. Lee Tockar has once again joined, themes are chosen.

    Head on down below if you are interested!

    The Crystal Fair St. Louis 2018 is only months away! We have big announcements to tell you about, as we embark on our 6th Crystal Fair!

     First of all, we will return to the Sheraton Westpoint Plaza Hotel Conference Center for a full three-day convention! And we are now on Memorial Day weekend, May 25th to the 27th. Weekend badges are currently $35, with prices going up on February 14th. Our room block for the hotel is $104/night, with the block closing on April 25th.

    This ...year's theme for the Crystal Fair is a battle that's as old as time. Pick a side in the battle between pirates and ninjas. Are you a sweet swashbuckler, or a stealthy hidden warrior? Come join us and show who is better!

    In addition, we are proud to announce our first VIP. Joining us again for the third time is convention favorite Lee Tockar! Tockar is the voice for a variety of characters on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; including Steven Magnet, Snips, and Coriander Cumin. Outside of MLP, he has worked on 'Kate and Mim', 'Dragon Ball Kai', and many more. Tockar has also won numerous awards for his voice-over work; including the 2016 UBCP/ACTRA Award for Outstanding Performance.
    We also have applications open for a variety of ways you can participate and get involved at the convention. Check our website for applications to be a panelist, community guest, vendor, or to help volunteer.

    We'll have more announcements and more guests as we get closer to this year's Crystal Fair. We can't wait to see everyone again in St. Louis!