• Comic Dubs: Striped Sweater / Wishing Meteor / Kids These Days / Wedding Breakfast / Everything the Sun... / Que Sera Sera

    No surprise that Wallflower is getting tons of love. We have her, and a bunch of other comic dubs popping up below! Go check em out.

    [1] Source

    "Striped Sweater" Equestria Girls Comic Dub by Wubcake

    [2] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Wishing Meteor (comedy) by Scribbler Productions

    [3] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Kids These Days (comedy) by Scribbler Productions

    [4] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Wedding Breakfast (saucy comedy) by Scribbler Productions

    [5] Source

    MLP Comic Dubs: "Everything the Sun touches" by Kilala 97 (Funny) by The Brony with the Bow Tie

    [6] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Que Sera Sera (comedy/cute/random) by Scribbler Productions