• 320 Page Recall the Time Comic is Crowdfunding a Book

    Recall the Time is a long running comic series that you've probably seen spammed here in the EQD comic posts after it's English translation was completed. The creator behind it has decided to turn it into an actual physical book, with 320 pages of full color pony action. At the moment, it's being crowdfunded over on Indiegogo with a pretty reasonable goal for a book printing of that size.

    I'm slapping some info down below, but you can go hop on now over here if you are curious.

    Copy Pasted from IGG:
    Book figure
    -A4 Left binding
    -full color pages
    -almost 320 page

    book Contents
    -main story
    -lore sketch
    -extra story - The Origin

    Q:What is the'Recall the Time of No Return'?
    A: is a collaboration between Doctor Who and my little pony. it was serialized from 2015 to 2018 In Deviantart.com (Link)

    To understand this story, you should have to take and

    Q:What is in the Extra Story named 'The Origin'?
    A:The story explains the origins of Gold Lily and Sterling, which are not entirely clear in .

    Q:Is There Other Language for Comic?
    A:Obviously, RTNR has supported various languages with the help of volunteers in the series. However, since no one has completed the translation at this time and the translation is from the translator, So I have to ask for permission.