• Story Updates - January 14th

    Update ALL the fanfics. We have four below. Go get them below as always!

    I guess that's not all is it?

    Story: Flash Sentry, Savior of the Universe (Update Part 5!)


    Author: RedSquirrel456
    Description: Flash Sentry is not the most attentive student in Canterlot High. He is not the smartest or the fastest or the most assertive. He is not a lot of things, but he does try to be a good boyfriend, and an even more normal teenager. But one fateful day he becomes the only person on Earth to have a talking pony in his closet. A pony only he can see. A pony that is incredibly, stupendously annoying. The incredibly dangerous, stupendously powerful things that followed him to Flash's world, though... those are another matter entirely.
    Flash Sentry, Savior of the Universe (Update Part 5!)

    Story: To Perytonia (Update Part 41!)


    Author: Cloudy Skies
    By royal request, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity travel to far-off Perytonia to establish ties between Equestria and a strange new people.
    Plunged deep into an alien culture with its own history, understanding the native peryton is only part of the challenge. As Rainbow Dash discovers, navigating her own relationship with her oldest friend may be harder still.
    A season two story. Story is fully written, with new chapters published every Tuesday and Saturday!

    To Perytonia (New Part 41!)

    Story: The World Within the Web (New Part 36!)

    [Alternate Universe][Adventure][Human]

    Author: Lord Max
    Across the great kingdoms of the Internet, a new power has arisen.
    Rising from the dark shores of the Chan, these men and women walk the Web and commune with their mystical benefactors - strange and colorful figures from another world, whom their followers know only as the "Six Friends Who Are One." A carefully guarded peace exists between those who venerate the Six and those who resist them, one that has lasted many years.
    Now, however, war looms once again. A Knight Moderator and his squire lie murdered in a dying city-site. Blame shifts to the blameless, and a small team of followers sworn to the Generous and Honest Friends must sail across the world to prove their innocence and save their brothers. All the while, they must contend with the forces of a hostile court, an unrelenting judge, assassins, anarchists, sorcerers, and one of their own as well - the fanatical Warden of All Honesty. Beneath everything is a vast conspiracy, holding a secret that will shake not only the Brony Collective, but all of the World Within the Web.

    The World Within the Web (Update Part 36!)

    Story: Ponyville & Other Poems (Update 31-36!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: AugieDog
    Description: A collection of poems by and about the various inhabitants of Ponyville
    Ponyville and Other Poems (New Parts 31-36!)