• New Pony Game, Equestfold, In Development!

    Looks like the folks behind the Fall of Anterfold games are trying their hand at another game called Equestfold! The game is in its very early stages but appears to be a combination of RPG/Adventure/Survival Horror and the creators are looking for input!

    Check after the break for the full details.

    ​Hello guys,TFS have good news for you.We've said it before,but now we've finally officially annouced Equestfold with screenshot of alpha version.

    Equestfold will become first our game which will be have three genres RPG/Adventures/Survival Horror.Also it's MLP related game.

    We inviting you to take participation into discuss of upcoming game,also we're still don't know is it will going to be a Co-op game or Single Player.Thoughts,ideas are welcome!

    It's not final version.

    Twitter: Calpain