• Ponyfinder - Kind Blades and Cruel Divinities Released on Amazon

    The Ponyfinder series of tabletop games has apparently shifted into a novel style series. The synopsis sounds like a pretty typical fanfic, but if you like the setting this might be a cool one to pick up. unfortunately there aren't any reviews yet. Here's what to expect:

    Arriving from distant lands in the east, Christopher King is an unusual sort around these parts. He has only two legs. He has two arms with strange wriggling things at the end. He seems to like pressing them against things instead of just grasping them in his puny mouth. He is hardly a pony at all.

    Of course, he isn't. He is a human, but he plans to make his mark felt and to find his place in this world alongside the fey equines that he hopes to join. It will take resolve and skill to live up to his desired profession, that of a sellsword.

    You can pick it up over here.