• My Relatable Pony: The 20% Cooler Version

    We are on week 3 of the new year and I think it’s time we make things Awesome around here.

    Rainbow Dash: Speed, loyalty, coolness, and awesome; RD’s got it in abundance. She knew what she was about from episode one and now she’s a star members for the Wonderbolts. Not to mention her friendships haven't suffered because of her work. She’s got this.

    If you can see yourself reflecting in this pool of awesome, I challenge you to read on after the break!

    Now I know this will be hard for you to believe, but Rainbow and I don’t share much in common. In fact, she's the member of the mane 6 I relate too least. But when I do relate to Miss. Dash, it hits me so hard! I love this character. So let’s get flying:

    Season 1: Sonic Rainboom: Being nervous over things you know you’re good at.

    She's even the awesomest at cowering.

    No matter how hard you’ve practiced, doubt has a way of getting to all of us (or at least Rarity does). Rainbow Dash knows she’s good at what she does, in fact, she’s the only pegasus to ever perform a Rainboom, but it’s only natural that she would have some doubts. I know I do this.

    Be honest, you know you have some talents, but it can be hard to be confident in that all the time. To make matters worse, the more we think about our doubts the more they seem to consume us. Push through that discomfort folks and believe in yourself. Corny, but Rainbow's since learned to do it.

    Season 2: Read it and Weep: Feeling shame for what you like.

    The moment you know what you're about to do is 'wrong.'

    So we all remember this episode. Rainbow started liking books, but she felt books were only for ‘eggheads.’ She felt like she’d lose her reputation and maybe even lose a part of herself with it. How can she be good enough to be a Wonderbolt if she reads! Of course, reading doesn't disqualify you for atheltics, but RD honestly believed that for whatever reason. Maybe you can relate to this when you first started watching My Little Pony. How can you be ‘normal’ if you like a show for little girls?

    Whether it’s logical or not, there comes a sense of shame when we don’t live up to the expectations placed on us. Society, our families and friends, jobs, even our misconceptions; there are a lot of standards we try to live up to. Rainbow struggles with this throughout the entire show

    No one must know!

    All of us have an image to protect. We want others to see us a certain way. We're not always willing to jeopardize that image even for things we like. I'm proud of RD for embracing reading regardless of the steryotype that goes with it.

    Season 3: Wonderbolts Academy: Losing a dream.

    The moment her heart screamed, "What Have You Done! I'm Breaking!"

    I actually hope most of you can’t relate to this moment, and I’m glad Rainbow didn’t have to endure this for long, but Rainbow Dash had completely lost her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt and it wasn’t because she wasn’t good enough. She chose to walk away from it.

    When Rainbow thought the Academy was reckless and heartless, she had to kill her dream to stand by her values. If you’ve ever had a dream that fell through, you can relate. The pain of a dying dream is only outdone by a life continuing in a nightmare. Rainbow Dash isn’t willing to hurt others to get to the top. If her dream required hurting others, then the dream was bad and needed to go.

    Suit you can’t use ever again - 200 bits. Training for a program you left - 2,000 bits. Having friends who understand what you’ve really lost - priceless.
    In a world full of people who don't try, try and completely successful, or try and fail; to be that odd group who has to walk away from a dream is strange. Not many relate and that’s why I love Rainbow Dash so much. She was good enough for the dream, but it wasn’t good enough for her. It's great to have a character who's experienced this strange position.

    Season 4 (AKA the season everypony has too many good episodes): Flight to the Finish: Being professional.

    "Do you want to get fired? Because this is how you get fired."

    We all have times in our lives where we have to follow some social rules. I’m a supervisor at work. I have to set an example and follow policies and stuff like that. I do not act like my casual self at work. Rainbow is learning this dynamic. She’s got a position she loves, but she can’t just bring all her enthusiasm to the table. The position must be held with honor. If you have a job, you relate so hard to this it hurts.

    If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you to act anyway your comfortable while also being a worthwhile job; Tell Us Where You Work! We Want That Too!

    Season 5: Tanks for the Memories: Mourning and acceptance.

    One more story before you go.

    I think most of us now know this episode was to walk the audience through the stages of grief. If you live long enough, you’ll eventually have to say goodbye to someone. For each of us this is different. I relate to Rainbow pulling out a book at the end of the episode. Not because I’m a heavy reader, but because, when I have to say goodbye, I like doing things the departed and I did before. Something about doing it one more time in their memory really helps me.

    It’s a sad time, but maybe you know how RD feels here. Somehow her reading comforts the audience too. She’s properly mourning now encouraging us to do the same.

    Season 6: Stranger Than Fan Fiction: Hearing opinions.

    "You're wrong."

    . . . You can relate. I can relate. We relate to Rainbow Dash.

    Season 7: Parental Glideance: Realizing blessings.

    Seriously, look at this book written about how good you have it.

    I know this episode deals with Rainbow’s embarrassment with her parents, but I can’t relate to that at all. What I do know: not valuing what I have. Rainbow has two parents that love her very much and support her in Everything she does. Somehow she forgot that or was blind to it.It took Scootaloo explaining that no one ever told her she was good at anything for RD to realize that her parents helped mold her confidance.

    I think we can all relate to complaining about things and missing just how good they really are. Don’t get me wrong, Rainbow did need to express her feeling to her parents, but she needed to do so from a place of understanding their contribution to her life. Sometimes I have to take a step back and realize my life has a lot of good in it.

    Cheerilee isn't paid enough.

    What's great here is that RD sees how good she has it and she passes that on to somepony else. Once we figure out life hasn't completly ruined us, we have the opportunity to make it better for others. RD isn't complaining about embarrassing parents anymore, she's become a cheering family member instead. If you don't relate to Rainbow's pass-it-forward attitude yet, make it a goal for the year. It's her best quality.

    Not enough awesome, you say?

    Rainbow taps into what it means to be competative about life. She doesn't do anything halfway and it's always a wild ride around her. If you relate to her than it's a safe bet you keep life interesting for everyone who knows you. She's awesome because she's just herself.

    As always, I can’t hit every relatable moment, but you can! I hear so many fans say Rainbow was the reason they got into MLP. So where are you RD fans? What about her makes us see ourselves in her?