• PonyvilleFM 7th Anniversary Party - Seeking DJ Sets!

    Time certainly flies around here! It's pretty crazy to think that a pony radio station could be turning 7 years old, but that's exactly what's happening in mid-January for PonyvilleFM. To celebrate, they're putting on a weekend of birthday fun with a bunch of DJ sets over the 13th and 14th of January - and you could be involved too. They're currently seeking set submissions for the event, so check out the full info on that below!

    'As it is that time of year once again, PonyvilleFM reaches a landmark 7 years old in January 2018! As is usual with this time of year, we are asking those of a performing nature to let us know if they wish to record a DJ set for our birthday weekend on January 13 to 14. So come sign up and spin some music with us!

    You can register for a slot at https://goo.gl/forms/sEEeeOxqP4DKNvDz1
    Time slots will be allocated as and when. We are preferring to do this as a pre-recorded set as it makes life a lot easier for everyone, including administration.

    The sets need to be at least 1 hour long, (2 hours is the maximum time), and for some performers, (singers etc) exceptions can be made for 30 min performances.

    The rules of the day are simple: keep it clean, as we have a family orientated audience. Show/fandom music-oriented mixes are prefered, but it’s not a hard requirement. Unless your show is a talk show/interview, please ensure the songs are mixed (we don’t need 'playlists', we have Ms Soundwaves for that). If you sign up and cannot make a recorded set, please contact the admins at the earliest instance.

    The sets need to be at least MP3 192kbps, or OGG 128kbps. If you are using virtual DJ 7.4 or higher, record in OGG or MP3 320, and run it through Audacity/Adobe Audition. If you have any questions on Virtual DJ, you can ask us on our public discord channels for more information.

    Sign up deadline jan 4th so don't delay!

    Happy Holidays from all of us at PonyvilleFM!'

    P.S. from EPT: Even if you don't have DJ equipment, it's still possible to put together a pretty neat set of music with a DAW like FL Studio, which is what I used here. So if you're a musician but not a DJ, it might still be worth giving it a go!