• Adventure of the Lunarbolts Finally Gets an Update!

    I'm listening to Vaporwave Zelda right now, so the thought of Vaporware was on my mind as I opened this email thinking it was someone asking where this game went. Luckily, it wasnt. Adventure of The Lunarbolts is actually still in progress, and they sent over some screenshots to show off what they have been working on.

    Head on down below the break to check it all out.

    Copy Pasta:

    DarthEquus here, producer of the Pony (J)RPG Adventure Of The Lunarbolts with a few screenshots to let the fandom know we are still alive and kicking, despite many obstacles. I'm sure you remember us.

    The included screenshots show a bit of the Skill Loadout system, cutscene art, avatars, guest characters, enemy design and spell effects.

    Our apologies for the watermarking; the engine produces pixel-perfect screenshots, and we've had people try to steal our assets shamelessly before. Either way, I hope the fandom likes it, because we are still alive, kicking and doing our best to make sure this project sees the light of day.